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  • 4770 San Pablo Ave #C Emeryville, California - Emeryville
    My contact info:
    Tom Cohen
    Eddie Motorsports, Inc.
  • 4770 San Pablo Ave #C Emeryville, California - Emeryville
    The person at this location ordered and received over $3100 of our merchandise paid for with a stolen credit card. This is the phone # of the person who used the stolen card: (510)318-4580. I spoke with him on the phone to confirm the purchase. You have the phone number of a man who committed a felony. I'm sure you are busy but I hope you will consider taking the time to try and do something. These criminals keep committing the same crime every day because they know nobody is even going to try and stop them. You have his phone number, I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult for you to obtain his name.
  • 5850 Shellmound Emeryville, California - Emeryville

    To whom it may concern,

    A passport ID and cash were found in the public market parking lot.

  • Amtrak Elevator West Side Emeryville, California - Emeryville

    Good Morning,
    The West Elevator shakes when you ride in it, it was bad last Friday and is much worse today. Also, the inside of the elevator is filthy and needs attention.
    Thank you.


  • 1075 43rd St Emeryville, CA, 94608, USA - Emeryville
    abandoned car over 30 days
  • 5855 Horton Street Emeryville, California - Emeryville
    We live at 5855 Horton Street in Emeryville and are very concerned about the bollards. Our building has quite a few old people, who sometimes need medical emergency. However, the bollards in front of our building increases the response time of emergency staff, who have trouble fitting a gurney through the bollards. This increases the time it takes to respond to an emergency, thus, increasing the chances of dying. We respectfully request that the bollards be removed immediately. Thank you.
  • 1501-1745 59th St Emeryville, CA, 94608, USA - Emeryville
    There are five cars parked IN the bike lane on 59th in front of Enterprise. This is absolutely not a parking lane! The cars are halfway in the bike lane, blocking cyclists, and halfway in the car lane, blocking traffic. Are these Enterprise cars?
  • 1232 53rd St Emeryville, California - Emeryville
    Using wood or other burning outdoor device/almost daily, on spare the air days. Creating an inordinate amount of unhealthy smoke in surrounding areas.
  • Doyle Hollis Park Emeryville, California - Emeryville
    Hello – we use Doyle Hollis park almost daily, and love how much use it gets! Unfortunately it appears that people have not been so good about cleaning up after them selves lately. The park is often full of litter lately. Wondering if you could step up enforcement and clean up after picnic/event rentals? Thank you for all you do for our city, we love it here, and hope that others will eventually respect it as well!
  • 3401-3441 Powell St Emeryville, CA, 94608, USA - Emeryville
    This person is living out of their vehicle
  • 3401-3441 Powell St Emeryville, CA, 94608, USA - Emeryville
    People are living in these vehicles.
  • 1355 Ocean Ave Emeryville, CA, 94608, USA - Emeryville
    Homeless trash bus is back! Hasn't moved in a week. This bus just parks around the block every week or so. Is this legal in Emeryville? Is Emeryville just becoming a parking lot for homeless trash?
  • Elevators By Amtrak Station In Emeryville Emeryville, California - Emeryville

    Hello, both elevators that cross from Amtrak to the Public Market have human waste issues. Please note, this is almost a daily occurrence. Thank you. Mary

  • Christie Ave & Powell St Emeryville, CA, 94608, USA - Emeryville
    The traffic signal was out of sync (at least as of 9:00am). The Powell traffic was given ~2-3 minutes to cross and the Christie signals were waiting. It backed traffic up on the Christie sides (both of them) to the prior intersections (Shellmound).
  • 6425 Christie Avenue Emeryville, California - Emeryville
    Please have the red curbs on Christie Avenue between 64th and 65th painted.
  • Other Issue/Concern Acknowledged
    47th Street Emeryville, California - Emeryville

    Our kids recently started to swim with Emeryville Aquatic Swim Team. We understand it will be announced to the public on June 1st as being affiliated with the City of Emeryville.

    Since we started, we have observed one of the lifeguards, Sean, is always very anxious to leave the pool as soon as possible each night.

    Here is the list of what we’ve observed him doing while patrons and team members are using the pool:

    • He removes the speed signs from the lap swim lanes well before closing, sometimes as much as 40 minutes. If anyone is new to the pool coming to swim toward the end of the session, there are no signs to help them decide which lane to get in.
    • He moved the big heavy pool cover right up to the edge of the shallow end of lanes 5-6 (furthest from the entrance), while younger team members were still in those lanes swimming, ½ an hour before the pool closed. We worried and brought it to the front desk’s attention. A bit later lifeguard Sean came and told us how it is okay and safe, etc. He asked what we were worried about, saying it is really heavy, it won’t move easily. Unless there will be an earthquake. And we said yes exactly the sort of thing we are worried about and it is not right to do that while swimmers are in the water. He seemed very convinced it was fine.
    • He collects all the pull buoys and kick boards almost 30 minutes before the team leaves the pool.
    • Today on May 13th, 2019, he again did all the early “getting ready for closing” actions listed above (not the pool cover). And as soon as the timer clock showed 8:15, he whistled. Some of the kids started to get out. Coach was talking with a group of kids at lane 6.
    • After exactly 1 minute and 16 seconds he yelled very loudly “GET OUT OF THE POOL!!!!” with a very scary facial expression. Our 9-year-old son was sitting next to us at the table on deck and he was afraid of this yelling and everyone was quite startled. The lifeguard didn’t seem to care how it was scary and upsetting the kids. Those are under age minors. Their parents trust the facility to take good care of their kids and they were all yelled at by an anxious lifeguard unfairly and unnecessarily.
    • Right after yelling, he went to the boys locker room and started slamming locker doors. Our older son and his swim mates got worried this lifeguard would yell at them again. Since it’s hard to trust this guy, my husband went to the locker room to observe him and make sure there wouldn’t be another incident.

    We have also observed swimmers hurrying to the showers, some of the not walking, but he doesn’t warn them to walk since he’s in such a hurry to leave.

    This is not acceptable.

    None of those actions are right toward the patrons and especially toward the minors.
    Our younger son said he is afraid of him and doesn’t want to be there without us at the pool.

    In addition to these concerns about the kids, we also observed him instruct adult lap swimmers not to chat during rest breaks at the deep end but instead to use the shallow end. Is this an actual rule or something he made up? If it’s not a rule it would seem to point to him taking matters into his own hands without consideration for the patrons. If it is a pool rule, that’s fine, of course, but needs to be public.

    Thank you.

  • 1350 Ocean Ave Emeryville, CA, 94608, USA - Emeryville
    Homeless person sleeping on the street.
  • 1400-1448 Park Ave Emeryville, CA, 94608, USA - Emeryville
    This black Volkswagen has been sitting here over three months, with expired registration.
  • 1355 Park Ave Emeryville, California - Emeryville
    There are multiple leaks and flooding occuring.
  • 4335 Holden Street Emeryville, California - Emeryville
    PG&E fence and concrete retaining wall on the east side of Holden Street south of 45th Street.