Gilbert 311 Neighbor

  • 280 S Greenfield Rd Gilbert, AZ, 85296, USA - Gilbert
    Time for the weekly code compliance complaint again with the City of Gilbert. Which seems to do nothing about this to Newport homes who owns this lot. It is a major fire hazard at this point with 4 ft high Dead brush. That has red box beetles climbing over people's fence wasp nest in the ground as well as gophers and now we have roof rats living in the field. I have reported this lot twice to the City of Gilbert fire Marshall and still nothing has been done. This property has been reported at least a hundred times to the City of Gilbert for numerous issues especially for the vegetation issues. This property has an open case with Arizona department of air quality for dust complaints for dust from construction with no water. So if the city makes them do this they better make sure they have a water truck on site to keep the dust down as a requirement. It's getting to the point where people can't even use their backyards and enjoy them without being harassed by bugs or rodents from this property. I have called at least a half a dozen times and I know other neighbors are now calling the City of Gilbert code compliance and nobody's getting calls back. It is time it's over time City of Gilbert does something about this project pull the permits find them thousands of dollars something this is ridiculous.
  • 689 N Arizona Ave Gilbert, Arizona, 85233 - Gilbert
    water spewing from water valve in cement box. looks like water has been spewing for awhile now.
  • Abandoned Vehicle Acknowledged
    6253-6299 S Constellation Way Gilbert, AZ, 85298, USA - Gilbert
    Vehicle has been on the street for over a week. It has damage and is likely abandoned
  • Abandoned Vehicle Acknowledged
    4100-4198 S Marisol Ln Gilbert, AZ, 85297, USA - Gilbert
    White 2 door Subaru, been parked on the street over a month. Expired tags, cobwebs and trash under the vehicle.
  • 301 S Cholla St Gilbert, Arizona, 85233 - Gilbert
    Hole in sidewalk
  • W Guadalupe Rd & N Mcqueen Rd Gilbert, AZ, 85233, USA - Gilbert
    Bricks in roadway/ blocking two southbound lanes, south of intersection
  • 802 E Scott Ave Gilbert, Arizona, 85234 - Gilbert
    Palm trees in picture sit directly outside of our property and others. Dead leaves and seeds from these trees blow into our yard daily onto our patio, yard, pool. Impossible to maintain property cleanliness with these trees continued blowing of debris. Can these trees be trimmed by the city to prevent this?
  • 1901 E Cypress Tree Dr Gilbert, Arizona, 85234 - Gilbert
    Water shut off/ meter leaking.
  • 3485-3567 E Warner Rd Gilbert, AZ, 85296, USA - Gilbert
    Hard to see oncoming traffic due to overgrown weeds in the rocks. Please remove before an accident happens.
  • E Baseline Rd & N Higley Rd Gilbert, AZ, 85234, USA - Gilbert
    dead cat in the northbound lanes south of the intersection
  • 2672-2688 S Constellation Way Gilbert, AZ, 85295, USA - Gilbert
    There are multiple street lights out on Constellation, just south of Williams Field in the Chaparral Estates West HOA.
  • 3093 E Princeton Ave Gilbert, Arizona, 85234 - Gilbert
  • 960-1026 S Sailfish Dr Gilbert, AZ, 85233, USA - Gilbert
    Sidewalk is buckled/collapsed and broken badly. McQueen Road, North of Knox Road and 2 power poles south of Highland Drive on the East side (Gilbert side) of street.
  • 520 W Rawhide Ave Gilbert, AZ 85233, USA - Gilbert
    water meter on the city side is still leaking. requested a repair recently however it doesn't appear the fix worked for long
  • E Baseline Rd & Higley Rd Gilbert, Arizona, 85234 - Gilbert
    in the bike lane, just west of in westbound lanes. miscellaneous items such as ace bandages, gloves, some kind of bottle, empty pill bottles. officers determined not drug related.
  • 1150 S Gilbert Rd Gilbert, AZ, 85296, USA - Gilbert
  • 1835 S Morrison Ln Gilbert, AZ 85295, USA - Gilbert
    defective street light across from 1835 South Morrison Lane Gilbert Arizona 85295. streetlight poll number 500.
  • 5789 S Fawn Ave Gilbert, Arizona, 85298 - Gilbert
    Light is malfunctioning
  • Potholes Closed
    2945 S Palm St Gilbert AZ 85295, United States - Gilbert
    There are large cracks and potholes in the cul-de-sac in front of my house I've tripped many times walking my dog and would like these repaired
  • E Cooley Loop Rd Gilbert, AZ, 85295, USA - Gilbert
    The tumbleweeds are overgrown and are encroaching over the curb in the street. This is occurring along Cooley Loop Rd (Haskel) from Recker Rd to Swallow Ln.