Richmond, VA Neighbor

  • 801 Saint Christopher'S Road Richmond, Virginia - Three Chopt
    Street light out on Henri Street (near corner of Henri Street and St. Christopher's Rd.). This is not urgent, as it not an unsafe area of the city. Thank you!
  • Pothole Archived
    3811 Monument Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Sauer's Gardens
    Large deep pothole in left lane of Monument headed eastbound. Just farside of Kent. Difficult to avoid with out leaving lane. Likely to cause vehicle damage or an accident from drivers attempting to avoid.
  • Pothole Archived
    2207 Commerce Road Access Richmond, Virginia - Richmond Precinct 2
    The pot holes and rough patches are getting to be a hazard at 2207 Commerce Rd. Right now there are at least 3 pot holes and keep getting worse. There is not way to avoid them trying to turn into or out of Deepwater Terminal Rd
  • Pothole Archived
    3811 Monument Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Malvern Gardens
    Massive pothole on eastbound lanes of Monument.
  • Pothole Archived
    3410 Norfolk Street Richmond, Virginia - Scott's Addition
    Please repair pot hole on street in front of active loading dock.
  • Other Archived
    Fairfield Way Richmond, Virginia - Mosby
    On the morning of 9/18/18 - contractor used for grass cutting continues to blow the grass in the roadway. This is an ongoing issue on this road, they never clean up or blow grass into median. Per VA Law this is illegal. Please reach out to contractor to correct this issue. I have family that rides motorcycles on this road and it is extremely hazardous for them in these conditions.
  • Other Archived
    Oliver Hill Way Richmond, Virginia - Upper Shockoe Valley
    Road lines and patch work of potholes are awful on this road, patch work is more like a speed bump on this road, the lines on the road are faded and people cannot tell which lane they are supposed to be in (This applies to both N & S directions) People are riding in the bike lane and i have seen a ffew almost hit due to this. Please the bikes are not riding in their posted lane due to the patch work, a bike could flip going over these. Please work to repave this road - Chucks of the concrete are lifting up
  • Traffic light Archived
    Hermitage And Laburnum Richmond, Virginia - Bellevue
    The timing for street lights is very off. For east/west on Laburnum, the light stays green for over a minute. For north/south Hermitage, the light stays green for less than 30 secs. Traffic is backing up on Hermitage in the morning when I'm commuting to work.
  • 5150 Bemiss Road Richmond, Virginia - Brookbury
    over grown vegetation in drain ditch
  • 3122 Stuart Ave Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District
    The sidewalk has eroded outside my home to a point where my pregnant wife stumbled and it's become a concern. It's gotten worse with the rain this year. The next time sidewalk repair is done in the area I think this should be fixed. Parents with strollers also have a hard time getting over this.
  • 4711 W Franklin St Richmond, Virginia - Willow Lawn
    Over the last few months every time heavy rain is experienced water doesn't drain from the sides of the street on the western edge of the 4700 block of W Franklin.
  • Pothole Archived
    508 Libbie Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Three Chopt
    Major pothole/depression area in front of 509 Libbie Avenue
  • Pothole Archived
    N. Morris St. Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    Deep and potentially hazardous pothole in the middle of the street. Portion of Morris in between Grove and Floyd ave
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    3400 Park Ave Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District
    Brush in the alley
  • 3008 Virginia 5 Richmond, Virginia - Shockoe Bottom
    The grass on both sides of VA 5 -- and the median -- between Rocketts landing and the traffic circle at E. Main/Dock Street needs to be mowed back -- it's really overgrown.
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    2825 Wighton Drive Richmond, Virginia - Huguenot
    We have had a major clean up of our yard. There is now a huge amount of brush street side in front of our house. We request pick up. Thanks.
  • 213 N 25th St Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    Hello! I'd like to report an un-shielded street light that is in the parking lot directly behind St. Patrick's Catholic Church at 213 N 25th St. This street light is way too bright for the purpose of providing visibility in the parking lot. It is actually causing major lighting pollution in the houses and apartment buildings adjacent to the lot. This issue could be easily fixed with a proper inexpensive light shield that would focus the light downward so it doesn't blanket the entire neighborhood like the lamps at a baseball field. I'm interested to find out if the city or the church owns this street light and what we can do to fix the issue. Really appreciate your help with this! Thanks for helping RVA.
  • 2511 Kensington Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    need new supercan...current one has large crack on the side, and metal bar used for pickup is broken. what is the process for requesting replacement of trash receptacle. thank you
  • 3022 Grayland Richmond, Virginia - Carytown
    The alley street light is out behind 3022 grayland
  • 3118 Kensington Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District
    Bushes out front actually should be cut down. They grown into the sidewalk and now it's difficult to even walk down the street without getting whacked in the face. You should hold these stupid apartment complexes that don't take care of their property to the same standard as home owners. Check out he deep hole in the front of that building too.