Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 112,440
  • Echo Ho Lane & Cherokee Rd Richmond, Virginia - Southampton
    4 large tires dumped on Echo Ho Lane at intersection with Cherokee Rd during night of Aug 11.
  • 400 North Hamilton Street Richmond, Virginia - Colonial Place
    Some jerk dumped a sofa at the ally way between Hanover Ave & Straut Ave. on Hamilton St.
  • Pothole Archived
    3540 Floyd Ave. Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District
    Large potholes in the alley behind our building (round building) located at 3540 Floyd Ave.
  • 3118 Kensington Ave Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District
    This apartment building has a trashy couch that someone literally dumped out from of this building on the sidewalk. The city should hold apartment buildings owners accountable just like home owners.
  • Pothole Archived
    1600 Mechanicsville Richmond, Virginia - Whitcomb
    There's a line of potholes from the 1700 block to the 1500 block of Mechanicsville
  • 2601 Stuart Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    A motorcycle covered in a grey topper has not been moved in more than six weeks, perhaps two months. It is clearly abandoned and needs to be removed.
  • 2601 Stuart Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    The street light in the middle of the south side of Stuart Avenue is out.
  • bulk pickup Archived
    3800 Dover Rd Richmond, Virginia - Windsor Farms
    branches have been down for 9 days
    need bulk pickup at 3800 dover rd
  • Dead Tree Archived
    1023 W. 45th St. Richmond, Virginia - Forest Hill Terrace
    Tree is less than 10 feet from street and has been dead for over one year. Lost large branch in recent storm. Poses danger to cars on street.
  • 8614 Arran Rd RICHMOND, Virginia - Southampton
    The street drainage ditch and pipe running under the driveway is clogged with debris.
  • Other Archived
    20 River Road Richmond, Virginia - Country Club Of Virginia
    HUGE dead tree limb over both lanes of River Road. Very dangerous
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    5321 Snowden Lane Richmond, Va, Virginia - Richmond Precinct 3
    2 Sofas at curb need to be picked up
  • Cleveland Alley At Kensington Ave Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District
    As you turn into the alley from Cleveland between Kensington and Belmont, there is a backyard garden that is encroaching into the alley. With the trash cans and bushes growing into the alley, it's difficult to get by without damaging your car. The neighbors should cut their bushes back and the trash cans should not be blocking the alley.
  • 3107 Stuart Ave Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District
    Abandoned Vehicle on street. It's a burgundy Geo Prism. Has a flat tire and not moved in months.
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    319 W. Broad St. Richmond, Virginia - Monroe Ward
    In alleyway accessible from Madison Street or Monroe Street
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    3122 Patterson Ave Richmond, Virginia - The Museum District
    Management rental company for duplex emptied basement and lots of stuff behind duplex now. I added some brush to it this weekend. Also recycle can top was left open when most recent tenants moved out and filled with water in addition to recyclables. I don't think it's been emptied since they moved.
  • Pothole Archived
    1720 Grove Avenue Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    Pothole in west bound lane
  • Pothole Archived
    3900 W Broad Street Richmond, Virginia - Sauer's Gardens
    Please fill the pothole on Broad and Hamilton. (When turning right on Broad off of Hamilton.)
  • Other Archived
    620 Overbrook Rd Richmond, Virginia - Northern Barton Heights
    Large dead limb hanging from tree that is also dying in front of house.
  • 130 N 32nd Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill
    There is no curb cut to the sidewalk entering Chimborazo Park from Grace and 32nd or on the other side of the street. We have an elderly veteran on the block who is at risk of falling trying to cross the street since there is no ramp or curb cut.
    ALSO: the sidewalks directly in front of 130 N 32nd street and around the park are in complete disrepair. The grass has grown through the concrete and they are shattered and jagged.