Seaford, DE Neighbor

  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    Park Ave Seaford, DE, 19973, USA - Seaford
    Used furniture on north end of park ave
  • Other Archived
    111 Park Ave Seaford, DE, 19973, USA - Seaford
    A tent and some trash between the water tower in the Industrial Park and the National Guard.
  • Hampton Cir Seaford, DE, 19973, USA - Seaford
    covid 19 case reported in front buildings suppose to be on quarantine for 2 wks but no attempts to control or stop residents from go in and out of all the apt buildings no special or heavy cleaning was done or is being done this is elderly apts I am very concerned
  • 101-199 N Cannon St Seaford, DE, 19973, USA - Seaford
    Large road patch seems to be sinking and created a pothole across roadway.
  • Other Archived
    324 N Hall St Seaford, DE 19973, USA - Seaford
    vehicle break ins 6:28 am
  • 613 High St Seaford, DE, 19973, USA - Seaford
    Street light is not working. Our security department marked it with yellow tape. If you have any questions, please call the maintenance department at the hospital at extension 2480.
  • 915 Norman Eskridge Hwy Seaford, DE, 19973, USA - Seaford
    High winds caused damage to this light post. Concerned it may fall and hurt somebody
  • 301 N Market St Seaford, DE, 19973, USA - Seaford
    Pothole at this intersection when traveling towards middle school on Market Street. on the Front St side of the intersection
  • 725 Hurley Park Dr Seaford, DE, 19973, USA - Seaford
    These people have at least two chickens that I have seen and one is a rooster because he crows at the break of dawn and wakes me up. They get in my yard as I live next door and I can't leave my dog outside too long at a time because he barks at them and I don't want neighbors complaining about my dog barking all the time. I didn't think poultry was allowed within city limits. Please look into this as I don't appreciate being woke up at 5:30 every morning and would like my dog to be able to be outside more. Thank you!
  • 324 E Poplar St Seaford, DE, 19973, USA - Seaford
    Power is out, went out around 530pm
  • 301-399 Nanticoke Ave Seaford, DE, 19973, USA - Seaford
    Travel trailer/rv dump site not draining.
  • 400 High St Seaford, DE, 19973, USA - Seaford
    People driving wrong way down Arch St, and ultimately not stopping at High St cause no stop sign there (since one way in opposite direction).
  • 401-499 N Shipley St Seaford, DE, 19973, USA - Seaford
    Large horrible road patch, bumpy and difficult riding over
  • 201-215 N Market Street Ext Seaford, DE, 19973, USA - Seaford
    The post holding the tire swing is cracking and bolts are missing. Im afraid its not safe and an tragic accident waiting to happen.
  • loud band Archived
    401 Williams St Seaford, Delaware - Seaford
    I can not go anywhere in my house to get any quiet.This is just too loud for a back yard party.
  • noise Archived
    401 Williams St Seaford, Delaware - Seaford
    send the mayor over,see if he likes this much noise in his house!!!
  • 15 N Arch Street Ext Seaford, Delaware - Seaford
    The electrical pole at the end of our driveway (15 n arch street ext) is really worn down, has a lot of cracks and looks concerning. I’d feel really assured if someone could come look at it and make sure it’s okay.
  • 22909 Sussex Highway Seaford, Delaware - Seaford
    I was just at the Exxon here, and attempted to use a credit card on pump #7. the computer display switched from the Exxon display screen to one that looked like a 1980s display, which asked me to enter the amount of money I'd like to put on the transaction. I hit cancel, and it reverted back to the standard display. It seemed weird, I paid cash and brought it up with the clerk. He claimed there were new systems installed, recently and people have been having trouble, but it still doesnt seem right and just concerned there might be a skimmer program or something.
  • 417 N Bradford St Seaford, Delaware - Seaford
    people moved out put trash in with clean up is now vacant since 5-11Trash all over area
  • Harassment Archived
    445 Purnell St Seaford, Delaware - Seaford
    I have over 100 videos of seaford police harassing me badges and each officer names and I will be posting them on social media so thousand of people and letting a lawyer watch each one them if nothing is done about it it’s been going on for too long and I will take action.