Rank: Heman Civic Points: 7,705
  • 2754 N Mulligan Ave Chicago, IL, 60639, USA - Chicago Ward 29
    for the second time in a month saw a very angry possum
  • 4149 N Wolcott Ave Chicago, IL, 60613, USA - North Center
    Big broken section of sidewalk. Trip and small child hazard.
  • 5112 N Central Park Ave Chicago, IL, 60625, USA - North Park
    Alley light has been out for over a month. I have reported but still not fixed. It's very close to a crossing bridge by the river, high foot traffic specially now that warmer temperatures are here. It's a safety issue at night for it's get real dark.
  • Noise Complaint Acknowledged
    3821-3899 N Broadway St Chicago, IL, 60613, USA - Chicago Ward 46
    Loose manhole cover on North Broadway north of Grace (just north of Subway Sandwich). Makes loud clanking noise everytime a vehicle drives over it.
  • 3700 N Kenneth Ave Chicago, IL, 60641, USA - Irving Park
    too much pothole in kenneth ave between Grace st and Milwaukee ave
  • 2901 W Summerdale Ave Chicago, IL, 60625, USA - Lincoln Square
    Sewer cap is on sidewalk and sidewalk is deteriorating so sewer is caving in.
  • 5858 W 55th St Chicago, IL, 60638, USA - Garfield Ridge
    Dead opossum on the side of the road in front of this house. It has been there for almost a week.
  • 5001-5111 N Albany Ave Chicago, IL, 60625, USA - Albany Park
    multiple tags on small playground equipment behind the track and field
  • 201-253 S Throop St Chicago, IL, 60607, USA - Chicago Ward 27
    small pot holes in the middle of street on Throop.
    Thank you for your service. It's greatly appreciated.
  • 3355 S Paulina St Chicago, IL, 60608, USA - McKinley Park
    Block on Paulina St, between 34th St and 33rd Pl.
    Multiple street and alley lights completely out. Extremely dark and dangerous.
  • 353 W Chicago Ave Chicago, IL, 60654, USA - Chicago Ward 42
    Small pothole - Not urgent :)
  • 1228-1246 N Damen Ave Chicago, IL, 60622, USA - Chicago Ward 1
    this is a utility street cut complaint located between 1236 and 1234 N Damen Ave in the west lane. When it was patched they did not level it with the rest of the street and a bump was created. Now large vehicles and buses speed over it and land causing a lot of noise and causing our block of townhouses to actually vibrate and shake from the misleveling
  • 1200-1228 N Long Ave Chicago, IL, 60651, USA - Chicago Ward 37
    There isn't a pothole so much as the stretch of Long Ave from Division to Hirsch is damaged. They came and tore up they road months ago, but never paved back over. There are multiple holes over the entire road, making it very hazardous to try and drive a car down.
  • 2158 W Belmont Ave Chicago, IL, 60618, USA - Hamlin Park

    There are potholes in the eastbound lane of traffic on Damen between Leavitt and Damen. They are significant, and several affect the full width of the driving lane causing traffic issues. Please fix these as soon as feasible on this busy road. Thank you!

    On a side not, one of my other notices was addressed within 1 week of submitting. I'm sure I wasn't the only one that submitted that request, but I want to ensure your team(s) know that our neighborhood greatly appreciated the fix! Thanks for taking care of it so quickly and fixing ALL of the potholes on the section of the road.

  • 2928 N Hoyne Ave Chicago, IL, 60618, USA - Hamlin Park
  • 4307 N Troy St Chicago, IL, 60618, USA - Chicago Ward 33
  • 2549 W Thomas St Chicago, IL, 60622, USA - Chicago Ward 1
    There are several large potholes along the street on the 2500 block of W Thomas.
  • 1802-1804 W Barry Ave Chicago, IL, 60657, USA - Hamlin Park
    potholes under metra tracks
  • 1749-1799 W Belmont Ave Chicago, IL, 60657, USA - Lake View
    bad potholes all along belmont from Western to Ashland
  • Fernando'S Restaurant 3450 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL, 60657, USA - Lake View
    All the street lights on Lincoln Ave between Roscoe and Addison have been out for some time. It is complete darkness and on both sides of Lincoln Ave.