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  • 8 Chickatawbut Rd Framingham, MA, 01701, USA - Framingham
    The DPW snow plow crashed our new vinyl fence partition down on the cul de sac into our yard when pushing snow into our yard. The plow pushed it sideways and broke it. The fence is turned sideways into our yard now. Could someone come out to fix it or replace the panel if possible? Natasha Ashe 617.610.1399. Thanks!!
  • 11-71 California Ave Framingham, MA, 01701, USA - Framingham

    The Fitchburg Secondary line had work done today during PEAK rush hour traffic in a very busy professional area in Framingham. There was no notice provided to any of the businesses that choose to reside in Framingham. There was no advanced notice. This work should've been done on a weekend so as to not cause hours and hours of commuter delay. The Fitchburg Secondary line which intersects with California Ave should never be held up at peak traffic when most workers are leaving work.

    The city of Framingham should work with Pan Am and the Fitchburg Secondary line to provide ADVANCE notice that there will be work done in the area which will cause SIGNIFICANT delays to all commuters and residents. Framingham should post notice of this AT LEAST on their Twitter or prevent the work from being done until they are able to provide everyone with prior notice.

  • 40 C St Framingham, MA, 01702, USA - Framingham
    Can we please enforce parking in this neighborhood. Commercial vehicles parked on the wrong side of the road, impeding trafffic.
  • 19 Indian Head Rd Framingham, MA, 01701, USA - Framingham
    No sidewalk has been cleared along Indian Head Road (not Indian Head Heights). Students are walking on the road to get to two school bus stops on Central & Indian Head Rd in the morning. Are home owners responsible to clear or the town. It's been over 24-48 hours since last snow fall and nothing has been done. Does the town issue citations to these homeowners?
  • Salem End Rd & Singletary Ln Framingham, MA, 01702, USA - Framingham
    There's a wooden pole on the intersection of Salem End Rd & Singletary Ln that looks like it could break in half at any second and fall into the road or onto a car, which is very likely since it's such a busy road. Is it possible to have this removed before it causes severe damage?
  • 9 Carter Dr Framingham, MA, 01701, USA - Framingham
    The front end loader / snow plow that plows Carter Drive hit utility pole #4 (street light #29 LED), located near the driveway to 9 Carter Drive, AGAIN. Utility pole #4 was already compromised by the storms 2 years ago. It is now damaged in more than two places. (Please see attached picture) Could someone please take a look at it? Thank you very much for your help.
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    3 Raleigh Rd Framingham, MA, 01701, USA - Framingham
    After entering Raleigh Road, directly in front of the mailbox of house at 3 Raleigh, there is a pothole that has begun to open up in a patched square section of the street.
  • Concord St & Danforth St Framingham, MA, 01701, USA - Framingham
    Too many residents are using the Danforth/Concord PUBLIC lot for their own housing and it is getting ridiculous! There are 5 cars in there with a foot of snow on it that haven't moved from last week. Why advertise it as 2 hour parking?!?!? Businesses RELY on these spots and the frustration is boiling over.
  • 40 Pine St Framingham, MA, 01702, USA - Framingham
    Our whole street is ice because it wasn't properly plowed. All sidewalks are NOT shoveled and as A CITY property owners and the city have 6 hours or less after daybreak to shovel the sidewalks. A child fell on her way to school bus stop due to lack of side walk and street clearing being properly done.
  • 18 Hialeah Ln Framingham, MA, 01701, USA - Framingham
  • Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged
    503-525 Rt-135 Framingham, MA, 01702, USA - Framingham
    Sidewalk by train station needs clearing. Pedestrians need to walk in the street!
  • 7 Cornell Rd Framingham, MA, 01701, USA - Framingham
    A 3 panels of fence have fallen down and can be dangerous regarding the backyard Pool. Also, high winds could cause the fence panels to move and cause damage to the neighbors.
  • 6 Terri Rd Framingham, MA, 01701, USA - Framingham
    The fence has fallen down and now there is a high risk concerning the in ground Pool. Also, high winds can carry the fence to others in the neighborhood.
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    1-39 Linda Ave Framingham, MA, 01701, USA - Framingham
    Potholes and road all falling apart end of Linda at Wickford.
  • Henry St & Union Ave Framingham, MA, 01702, USA - Framingham
    Today Henry/Union street to Henry/Franklin street I've seen a dozen cars driving the wrong way today, it's a issue, some people are lazy and others simply think it's a 2 way street because the street is so wide. I hope you investigate the issue since I've mentioned before and nothing has been done to fix it.
  • 46 Chubb Rd Framingham, MA, 01701, USA - Framingham
    Hi, I understand when the city updated the lighting that you could buy lights that were perfect for a Street or Rd, buying one type of lighting fixture was the way too go which fiscally makes sense.
    But as you might understand given a situation they might be overwhelmingly too bright for the street area as in the one in front of 46 Chubb Rd.
    it is too much not just for those of us on the street, but also people on Heather and Morse.
    Is there a way please to put say a simple metal 30" shade all the way around it focusing the light down?
    It would still cast enough lighting to safely brighten the street at night without intruding on at least 11 houses plus, a lot of peoples/kids bedrooms are within range of the light.
    I lived previously in a city with the same situation the Energy Services Company that did the retrofitting came out and added the size I am suggesting which took care of the problem.
    Greatly appreciate your attention to this and any possible solution , Thank you!
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    2-18 Flagg Dr Framingham, MA, 01702, USA - Framingham
    There is an enormous pothole in the new parent drop off area. It fills with water and will become dangerous when frozen.
  • 210 State St Framingham, MA, 01702, USA - Framingham
    Lack of lighting at Cross Walk leading to Athletic Lots is generating complaints due to the sun setting earlier.
  • 38-98 Foster Dr Framingham, MA, 01701, USA - Framingham
    Could you please put a stop sign at the corner of Foster Dr and Old conn path as it has become dangerous as too many drivers are not even slowing down to see who is coming along the road.
    Thank you!
  • 92 Lakeview Rd Framingham, MA, 01701, USA - Framingham
    Owner of dog at this address allows dog to roam around neighborhood off leash, and it constantly chases cars. Also leaves dog outside for extended periods in evenings in which it barks excessively for sometimes upwards of an hour outside.