Posição: "Jane Jacobs" Pontos Cívicos: 42.020
  • 5215 Chenevert St Houston, TX 77004, USA - Medical
    Structure being built next to fence.
  • 1803 Cleburne St Houston, TX, 77004, USA - Medical
    There are individuals (either it's patrons or staff) yelling at each other at this gym. I hear them yell "Hey, nigg*!", and other profanity conversations, many times. There is a school across the street!!
  • Pothole Reconhecida
    10000 Fannin St Houston, TX 77045, USA - Southwest
  • Pothole Reconhecida
    4727 Oakshire Dr Houston, TX 77027, USA - River Oaks
    pothole on corner or vossdale and oakshire
  • Other Reconhecida
    2014 Jean St Houston, TX 77023, USA - Southeast
    -overgrowth even covering signage and blocking fitlre hydrant
    - entire section has not been mowed all summer
    -large limb on ground
  • Traffic Signals Reconhecida
    780 E 20th St Houston, TX 77008, USA - Greater Heights
    All signals flashing red
  • Other Reconhecida
    8767 Othello St Houston, TX 77029, USA - East End
    Cars in yard
  • Pothole Reconhecida
    Farrell Rd Humble, TX, 77338, USA - US Congressional District TX18
    this road really needs attention before someone looses their life just refinish the whole rd and not patch here and there IMMEDIATLY just this morning people were coming into oncoming traffic to avoid pot hole issues
  • Other Encerradas
    8722 Wiggins St Houston, TX 77029, USA - East End
    Barking Dog
  • Abandon Vechile Encerradas
    Crab Orchard Rd & S Ripple Creek Dr Houston, TX, 77057, USA - Galleria-Uptown
    Dodge Truck Disel. Blue and Silver. Crew Cab. Black tool Box across the back.
  • Traffic Signs Reconhecida
    10410 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77042, USA - West Houston
    sign hit by a vehicle. damaged. not sure what sign it is
  • Illegal Dumping Encerradas
    12806 Roandale Dr Houston, TX 77048, USA - Southeast
    Junk trailer home sits in front yard of property. Worried it may be abandoned there and collecting water causing mosquito problem. City really needs to find out what is going on with this junk mobile home.
  • Illegal Dumping Encerradas
    12711 Greenshire Dr Houston, TX 77048, USA - Southeast
    I have tried reporting this problem in the past and nothing has been done about it. The city constantly ignores this part of town. How can someone have junk vehicles and garbage in the front yard and nothing gets done about it? Multiple houses here have serious violations and nothing ever gets done.
  • Other Encerradas
    12527 Deep Spring Ln Houston, TX 77077, USA - West Houston
    Street light is out
  • Other Encerradas
    8173 Liberty Rd Houston, TX 77028, USA - Northeast
    possible water line break with erosion under roadway occurring
  • Traffic Signals Reconhecida
    10202 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77042, USA - Westchase
    progression heading east from the beltway out of our sync, as usual
  • Other Encerradas
    12463 Deep Spring Ln Houston, TX 77077, USA - West Houston
    Street lights are out
  • Pothole Encerradas
    3903 Sherwood Ln Houston, TX 77092, USA - Northwest
    big pothole
  • Other Encerradas
    132 Meadow Lea Dr Houston, TX 77022, USA - North
    twice my trash was not picked up on trash day.
  • 19325 Gulf Fwy Webster, TX, 77598, USA - Houston
    Homeless congregating and panhandling under 45 Gulf freeway bridge at Bay Area Blvd.