Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 166,660
  • Kennedy Blvd Jersey City, New Jersey - West Side
    You should consider reducing the amount of left/right turns on Kennedy Blvd during rush hours. This causes traffic.
  • Liberty Ave Jersey City, New Jersey - The Heights
    City should consider having street cleaning 1 day on each side of the street as opposed to 2 days on each side. There is no reason the have it 2 days a week in residential streets. It’s a burden for senior citizens to be moving the cars from side to side almost every day.
  • Manhattan Ave Jersey City, New Jersey - The Heights
    Please review the possibility of installing a left turn signal from Manhattan Ave unto Tonnelle Ave. It’s a death trap attempting to turn left.
  • 297 Terrace Ave Jersey City, New Jersey - The Heights
    There is 2 way traffic between Terrace Ave and Leonard street cars park on both sides of the street and when cars turn right from Tonnelle it is dangerous. Street should be one way. A couple of years ago 2 kids were killed in a bicycle accident. Please make it one way.
  • 291 Claremont Avenue Jersey City, New Jersey - West Side
  • 162 Old Bergen Rd Jersey City, New Jersey - Greenville
    This property has been vacant for years. The yard is a disgrace! It is being used as a dump for garbage, furniture etc. Homeless and others are using the building. The owner needs to be held responsible for the security and the upkeep of the property. It contributes to making the neighborhood unsafe.
  • 203 Stegman St Jersey City, New Jersey - Greenville
    Garbage debris is piling up in front of and along
    The fence. Tenants not picking up garbage they
    Spill onto the sidewalk and in empty lot
    Next to the building.
  • 270 Marin Blvd Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
  • 225 South Street Jersey City, New Jersey - The Heights
    You all closed my ticket about the safety hazard at this site. So the community has to wait until the owner receives the summons in the mail? Where is the summons even sent? And what happens if someone is injured in the meantime? Will it be the post office’s fault? There are kids running and playing on the street. Elderly walking with canes. Parents with strollers. But let’s wait until the developer gets the summons in the mail. No worries about any hazard until then.
  • 225 South Street Jersey City, New Jersey - The Heights
    I understand a summons was issued but nothing has changed. Two homes being built and debris is left on the sidewalk all day and night. They need to section off the sidewalk so no one gets hurt. There are nails, sheet rock, pieces of wood just laying on the sidewalk as we walk on it. There actually isn’t even a sidewalk. What else will be done aside from a summons? Because nothing is changing.
  • 189 South St Jersey City, NJ, 07307, USA - The Heights
    back yard is full of Garbage,Furniture,they are even using the next door house to pile things up it looks like a junk yard a lot of rodents coming in to my yard I even see people coming in and out of the basement something needs to be done about this. I live at 73 Thorne street you came come into my yard and see what's going on. Please something needs to be done.
  • 198 Wayne Street Jersey City, NJ - Downtown
    Right in front of the driveway.
  • 133 Pearsall Ave Jersey City, New Jersey - Greenville
    The large blue house is vacant. It is being used by homeless people and drug addicts. The drug paraphernalia is everywhere! Police are called all the time! The owner needs to do something with this propert. It is not secure. Raccoons can be seen going in and out of the house. It’s unsightly and making the neighborhood unsafe.
  • 234 Linden Ave Apt 3l Jersey City, New Jersey - Greenville
    I went to the JCMC on Summit Ave to pay a ticket. It was my first time paying a ticket in person, as I never get tickets like this (I was paying for someone else's ticket). I was a little slow with the papers because I couldn't hear what Jodi Doyle said, and she loudly sighed, rolled her eyes, and made frustrated signals toward the other clerk, while gesturing at me. She shouldn't be working at an information window if she's going to be so nasty to people that are just wanting to pay a simple ticket. I never send reviews, and I felt I needed to do this just because of how blatantly rude Jodi was being. Put her somewhere that she doesn't need to interact with the public, or fix her attitude.
  • 2-8 2nd St Jersey City, NJ, 07302, USA - Jersey City
    The glass cover of the light is about to fall off on the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway near 2 2nd Street.
  • 123 Coles St &300 Coles St Jersey City, New Jersey - Bergen-Lafayette
    Coles st between 18th to 14th st very bad must be dime as well
  • Maxwell St Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    Received parking ticket while parking in Maxwell alley, the public parking spots. The signage is not appropriate and there is no education that you are not allowed to park in this specific area.
  • 112 Virginia Ave Jersey City, New Jersey - Bergen-Lafayette
    Landlord/ owner is digging the ground removing an old oil tank with some help from relatives. Due to the rainy weather , it’s smells , which might me oil leaks
  • 55 Soho Drive Jersey City, New Jersey - West Side
  • 7 Soho Drive Jersey City, New Jersey - West Side
    Elevated patches, numerous potholes and uneven old repairs all over Claremont Ave. from Mallory Ave all the way to RT 440.