Newton, MA Neighbor

  • Pothole Open
    31 Nahanton St Newton Center, MA, 02459, USA - Newton
    Loaded with potholes along Nahanton street please send work Cree out to fill
  • Pothole Open
    17 Newton, MA, 02458, USA - Newton
    Deep pothole just before the 'right turn on red after stop' sign.
  • Pothole Open
    375-415 Nahanton St Newton Center, MA, 02459, USA - Newton
    Potholes was there more than 2 years and still nothing get done. I call a month ago and still there's no action. We can't keep driving like this forever. Do something ASAP.
  • Washington St @ St. James St Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    St. James St traffic almost always has green light unless pedestrian is crossing. Green light gives false sense of right of way for merge onto Washington that follows immediately after. High % of drivers do not look left and yield to traffic crossing on Washington St. Dangerous intersection.
  • 1400 Centre Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Plate on East side of road is broken. May deteriorate more creating a serious road hazard.
  • 108 Jackson Road Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Traffic signal at corner of Pearl St. and Jackson Road is not working in any direction.
  • 865 Boylston Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    the street light between 865 Boylston st, and 116 Floral (rear) is out and it is very dark there.
  • 2 Moulton Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
  • Comm Ave At Hammond St Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Traffic signal is blocked by tree branches heading west on Comm Ave at Hammond St.
  • 306 Lagrange Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    This intersection looks dangerous! It could be improved with Yield signs at channelized intersections and left turn lanes if you want it.
  • Belmore Park Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
  • Pothole Open
    68 Austin Street Newtonville, Massachusetts - Newton
    I hit this pothole rather hard because of its shape and you can't see that you are approaching it.
  • Pothole Open
    37 Wilde Rd Waban, Massachusetts - Newton
    There are several dangerous potholes for walkers and cyclists on our street. In front of 37 and 43 are just a few
  • Pothole Archived
    10 Esty Farm Rd Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    there is a series of potholes close to 10 esty farm rd. In the intersection of June ln and Esty farm rd.
  • Pothole Archived
    16 Central Avenue Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    there's a pothole right in front of the drive way of 16 central ave, newton, MA
  • 160 Wells Ave Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    This street light has been out for a very long time.
  • Pothole Archived
    214 Cabot Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    a wide,shallow pot hole about 4 feet square. It extends out almost to the middle of the street. two secondary holes inside the larger hole were filled, but the larger hole persists.
  • Pothole Archived
    132 Nonantum Road Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Between Charlesbank Road and Maple Street on Nonantum Road is a huge dip in the road followed immediately by a bump. This is pretty dangerous and has been getting worse. Cars will swerve into the opposite lane to avoid it, or the shoulder. People also slam on their brakes because the dip/bump is so severe the bottom of cars will scrape.
  • 243-249 Auburn Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton


    The sidewalk on the odd side of Auburn street directly east of where it crosses the pike is covered in about two feet of snow. This is a pretty busy road/sidewalk with a blind corner, and residents over here who have to walk to the commuter rail and points closer to Comm Ave would appreciate not having to walk in the street!

    Thanks very much!

  • Dead animal Archived
    30 Beethoven Ave Newton, Massachusetts - Newton