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Paige Geoffroy

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  • 171 South Main Street Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    A No Parking Sign fell over from in front of 171 South Main Street and is laying on the sidewalk on the Beacon Street side of 171 South Main Street.
  • 75 Cathedral Drive Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    There is a sink hole in the sidewalk that is getting bigger. There is an orange cone over the hole, but there is risk of a pedestrian falling in the hole and becoming injured.
  • Pothole Archived
    20-198 Larsen Way North Attleborough, Massachusetts - North Attleborough
    There are a couple of pot holes in front of the National Elevator company that look deep. It is on the side of the road, so it does not interfere with traffic on Larsen Way.
  • Damaged lawn Archived
    15 Chapel Hill Drive Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    Please repair the edge of the front and side lawn from snow plow damage.
  • 191 North Main Street Attleboro, Ma - US Congressional District KS1
    the traffic light is staying on the red light on north main street when there is nobody coming out of Elizabeth street. causing traffic to back up on north main street today.
  • 5 Beacon Street Attleboro, Massachusetts - Attleboro
    Parking along beacon and south main street mainly on Sundays during church service at the refuge has caused a conflict for quite some time with parishioners parking along the street side of both streets which has made it dangerous to pull out from beacon street into south main street as they park to the edge of the streets and also block driveways. additional signage is needed as to where parking is and is not allowed along beacon and south main streets along with enforcement.