Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 65,280
  • 5120 Weatherford Road Richmond, Virginia - Woodhaven
    there is a over grown lot, high grass front and back.
  • Pothole Archived
    2018 Bailey Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Fulton
    large pothole on Randall Ave
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    3410 S Street Richmond, Virginia - Oakwood
    2 big leather sofa's
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    3010 Decatur Street Richmond, Virginia - Broad Rock
    Pile of limbs and mattress in the alley
  • 3101 Cottingham Road Richmond, Virginia - Oxford
    The citizen states that there is a lot behind her home the is over grown and need the grass and bushes cut.
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    10231 Sioux Road Richmond, Virginia - Huguenot
    pile of branches and brush in the front
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    812 North 33rd Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill North
    Citizen would like someone to come back out to get the piles behind 800,810,812 N 33rd st
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    807 North 30th Street Richmond, Virginia - Church Hill North
    Refrigerator located in the alley by the gate
  • 5713 Thorndale Lane Richmond, Virginia - Cedarhurst
    Grass tall in the front and the back
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    4267 Cheyenne Road Richmond, Virginia - Huguenot
    Branches near the drive way on Yuma Rd
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    2701 North Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Northern Barton Heights
    Dresser, and broken wood, in the alley
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    2609 Harold Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Green Park
    Sofa and chair in the front.
  • Pothole Archived
    1252-1298 Milton Street Richmond, Virginia - North Highland Park
    Citizen states that there is a large pothole that this location
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    112 Winber Drive Richmond, Virginia - Swansboro West
    Located on Peyton Ave but the at the address above, Sofa and chair
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    512 West 33rd Street Richmond, Virginia - Woodland Heights
    Brush located in the alley
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    4100 Forest Hill Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Forest Hill Terrace
    A large pile of limbs located on the side of this property on W 41st St, old request number 3398758, citizen states nothing was collected.
  • Bulk Trash Archived
    1406 Columbia Street Richmond, Virginia - Bellemeade
    Limbs in front for pick up
  • 2101 North 20th Street Richmond, Virginia - Eastview
    Tall grass at this address in the front and back yards
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    737 North 5th Street Richmond, Virginia - Biotech And MCV District
    Citizen states that there is a deep freezer in the back of the location
  • 3449 Keighly Road Richmond, Virginia - Davee Gardens
    Tall grass in the front and the back yard