Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 680
  • Auburn Ave Nw Between Harvard And Vassar Canton Ohio - Canton
    Numerous multi-layer potholes. Eroded area at garage apron. Raised center due to heavy truck traffic. Deteriorated transition to street a Vassar Ave.
  • 1600 Frazer Ave Nw Canton, Ohio - Canton

    I am contacting you regarding the home at 1600 Frazer Ave NW. This homes burned in August of last year and is currently boarded up. Not a problem, I can understand that one would not be prepared for this type of incident. However the debris and siding that fell from the home on that evening are still laying where they fell. The siding is hanging off of the building and the burnt exterior stairs are still accessible. The debris/siding are now blowing about the neighborhood due to the spring winds.

    I am hoping that you will contact the proper individual who can see to the removal of this debris from the exterior of the home.

    I appreciate your assistance with this matter and look forward to it's resolution. Have a pleasant day.