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  • CRT TV Archived
    437 Main Street Medford, Massachusetts - Medford
    There is an abandoned CRT TV at the Tufts Park parking lot, near the blue shed. It has been there since Sunday.
  • Tufts Park Medford, MA - Medford
    Please replenish the mutt mitt dog bag dispenser nearest to the blue shed at Tufts Park. Thank you.
  • Fellsway West Medford, MA - Medford
    Unknown dead animal in right travel lane of Fellsway West, southbound off-ramp from Roosevelt Circle, near the 93 overpass. Might be a small dog.
  • City Wide Medford, MA - Medford

    It's fireworks season. June through July. All fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts, unless done by professionals with permits. Enforcement of this law has been lacking. Chief Sacco, Captain Clemente, please consider better enforcement of the law this summer. Officers are required by state law to confiscate any unlawful fireworks, and are allowed at their discretion to hand out $100-$1000 fines to offenders.

    Fireworks can be very harmful to pets, to military veterans with PTSD, to survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings, and even dangerous to the amateur users themselves. I do not think that they are expressing their patriotism. I think they like to blow stuff up, and use our Independence Day Holliday as an excuse for their pyromania. I doubt that any of them could name 5 members of the Sons Of Liberty.

  • City Wide Medford, MA - Medford
    In every park in Medford, the blue barrels are taken away during fall and winter months (late October to April). That is almost half the year. This discourages dog owners from picking up after their dogs, as there is no opportunity to discard the waste. A vast majority of the piles of uncollected dog waste can be found along the paved paths that surround the fields. They are left by dog owners who walk the parks with their dogs ON LEASH. Having barrels and collection year round would solve so many of the issues that non dog owners who use the parks have with dog owners.
  • Tufts Park Medford, MA - Medford
    A group of dog owners volunteered to clean the park today. We collected 6 bags of litter. We placed them by the blue storage shed.