T davis

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  • 2555 University Parkway Lawrenceville Georgia - Lawrenceville
    After exiting from 316 to Buford Drive, the traffic backs up in the afternoon after 5PM. There are only 2 very short lanes to turn left and it is a very congested area. If the 2 left lanes were extended by 100 feet, the cars could better occupy the space. Also consider reviewing the traffic lights and how long they are green to properly handle the traffic flow
  • Braselton Highway And Bufurd Drive Lawrenceville, Georgia - Gwinnett County
    The traffic on Braselton Highway in the AM Monday - Friday backs up due to the short green light for traffic to enter onto Buford drive.
  • 3057-3099 Sugarloaf Parkway Lawrenceville, Georgia - Gwinnett County
    The red light to turn left onto 124 from Sugarloaf Parkway is very short and only allow about five cars to go traffic backs up onto Sugarloaf Parkway