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    1301-1349 Harrison Ave Nw Canton, OH, 44708, USA - Canton
    While there are no deep potholes at this intersection at this time, the pavement is very rough and the asphalt is coming apart from the base making it very rough and bumpy. This intersection is very busy and when you are driving on it you can't just slow down or swerve to avoid this rough patch. Can't something be done to smooth it out? It as been reported at least 3 times before and nothing, ( I mean nothing) has been done. Why is it being closed out when it has not been addressed????
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    1000-1098 Mcgregor Avenue Northwest Canton, Ohio - Canton
    I have reported these potholes in April, in May (twice), and now in June. Numerous potholes, growing larger in numbers, and in size, by each passing day. They are on McGregor Avenue NW between 10th and 12th Streets NW. The increased rerouted traffic (southward) off of 12th (due to closure at the parks) by RTA buses, heavy duty trucks working on the closure, and increased school buses have wreaked havoc on an already badly patched road. It is extremely dangerous to try and avoid them as people living there do park on the street.. How many times does the city have to be notified to take action? Just what are we paying taxes for? Come on Canton!!
  • Mcgregor Avenue Nw Between 10th And 12th Streets Canton, Ohio - US Congressional District OH16
    Pot holes; lots of them. This has been reported twice before. Traffic heading west on 12th street is rerouted southward and many, many, heavy duty vehicles including RTA buses, heavy duty trucks, and many more school buses have been using McGregor as a cut through going south. This has caused a street that is already riddled with patch to develop numerous potholes. It is dangerous to maneuver around them as homeowners do park on the street. How long does it take the city to respond? As stated, this has been reported twice previously; said it was reported to the city, yet nothing has been done. When will they get this fixed?
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    Mcgregor Avenue Nw Between 10th And 12th Streets Canton, Ohio - US Congressional District OH16
    ONCE AGAIN, I am reporting numerous potholes on McGregor Avenue NW, between 10th and 12th streets. As previously stated, since the closure of Fulton Road at the parks, traffic is diverted onto McGregor traveling south. This has included RTA buses, many, many heavy duty dump trucks and heavy machinery, and an increase in school buses. These potholes are becoming a real issue as people swerve to miss them. This was previously reported about 3 weeks ago; and was told then, that the city was notified and would be filling them! When o when will this take place?
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    1001-1099 Mcgregor Avenue Northwest Canton, Ohio - Canton
    Pot hole in the middle of the road; approximately 2 1/2ft wide and approximately 10 - 12 inches deep. Very hard to avoid, especially when someone is parked on the street.