Young gun

  • Nasa Blvd Melbourne, Florida - Melbourne
    Heading North on Dairy if you make a left onto Nasa Blvd you damage your front end due to the difference in the road heights of Dairy being 4 inches lower than Nasa Blvd. A tapered patch is needed where the two roads meet so that the cars don't hit the step up to NASA, I'm sure it is ruining the undercarriage and tie rods of all cars that go over it.
  • 399 East Jericho Turnpike Huntington Station, New York - Huntington Station
    Two or 3 potholes in the Westbound Jericho Tpke lane right after Melville road, also another 2 or three holes near the 7-11 in the right lane and one or 2 in the left before you turn into Target on Jericho. Plenty of holes to fix on this stretch.
  • 2 East Jericho Turnpike Huntington Station, New York - South Huntington
    Probably 10 to 12 potholes in the left lane of the Eastbound Jericho Tpke, also 2 or 3 in the right lane, holes are just inside left tire and mant people drive down median to avoid them
  • Aerospace Boulevard Hicksville, New York - Bethpage
    Two big holes where South Oyster Bay Road and Aerospace drive meet and then 50 or so holes on Aerospace Blvd before you come to Stuart Ave. Many are 4 or 5 inches deep, everybody is swerving to miss them during the day and probably hitting the holes at night
  • Melville Road Huntington Station, NY - South Huntington
    Just north of Jericho in front of the turkey meat store there isa 1 foot long 8 inch wide pot hole that is probably over 6 inches deep thought I was going to blow the tire when I hit it.
  • South Oyster Bay Road Bethpage, NY 11714, USA - Bethpage
    Huge pothole 2 feet long 5 inches wide and about 8 inches deep breaking rims and axles on this hole VERY Dangerous fix it before somebody gets Killeen
  • 945 Walt Whitman Road Melville, NY 11747, USA - Melville
    Remove the barrels the left lane on the exit for route 110 from the Northern State heading West still has BARRELS in it The lane is done and people are backed up on the exit ramp all the way back to N S creating a huge accident risk during rush hours Remove the Barrels in the left lane already
  • Old Country Road Melville, Suffolk, New York, 11746, United States of America - Melville
    Timing set on traffic light is way off the light turns green for only 16 seconds going west to east on Old Country Rd towards Route 110, but the light is green for people going north on Walt Whitman Road for over a minute. The traffic heading east on Old Country backs up to the other side of the prior traffic light. 16 SECONDS that's it
  • Plainview Rd & Old Bethpage Road Plainview, New York - Plainview
    Every weekday night between 5 and 6 PM cars from Old Bethpage Road going north to turn left onto Old Country Road BLOCK the box for people going north on Plainview road. since there is only one lane to turn left. Either fix the timing of the lights so that can't block the box or put a cop there to give tickets to the people who run the yellow or red just to block the box, OR make TWO lanes to turn left onto Old Country Road, there is one lane to turn left , there are TWO lanes to go straight north over Old Country and one lane to turn right. Few cars actually go straight at those hours, I would say almost 70% of the cars at the OLD Country Road Intersection turn LEFT towards the SOB Expressway, 20% turn right (EAST) towards the LIE and only 10% go straight. Make TWO left turn lanes at the OLD Country intersection and you might clear the blocking of the box at Old Bethpage Rd and Plainview Rd. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!
  • 161 Old Country Rd Melville, NY 11747, USA - Melville
    multiple holes in this area where the two road seams meet. Very bumpy road surface around the 110 and Old Country Rd Intersection.