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  • 117 Lawrence Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock

    Reposting this because it doesn't seem like the issue will be re-acknowledged.

    Put out a pile of branches, bundled in manageable amounts, 2 pickup cycles ago. Plus a can with some of the larger branches that I cut into manageable lengths. These came down during the wind/snow storms.

    Previous SCF issue Public Works claimed they were picked up. They were not.

    I did my part and cut/bundled the evening before pickup day (2 weeks ago) so the neighbors would not have to endure looking at this mess piled up on the curb. So much for that...

  • 321 Saint John St New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square
    Leaf Bag not picked up with Tuesday's pickup, bag is now soggy and spilling on sidewalk.
  • 687-701 State Street New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown

    If you are biking North on State St, the I-91 North Entrance (near Goodfellas) is a nightmare. Because of the speed on that section, bikes should stay all the way to the right, but then have to cross over the turn lane which tends to be very busy. Becomes awkward and dangerous for both the drivers and cyclists.

    Really needs some sort of green painted bike lane for bikes that (obviously) want to continue straight on State St, not turn onto the highway.

  • 855 State Street New Haven, Connecticut - SOHU
    Broken glass in the road, approx. across from Modern & Christopher Martins.
  • 117 Lawrence St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    Leaf Bag Not Picked Up
  • 274-296 Greene Street New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square

    My car was parked at the corner of Greene St and Wooster Place from approx. 5:30pm - 8:30pm last night (9/26).

    In that time, it appears that someone tried to grab and pull the license plate off the front of my car. It is bent outwards away from the front of the car on both sides. Not the sort of damage that could occur from another car hitting mine.

    The license plate is mounted to what appears to be an easily removable external bracket (but its not as easy as it looks), instead of directly to the bumper, so I assume someone thought it would be an easy snag.

    Regardless, this is just another example of how desperate people are free to pick-over Wooster Square for anything that doesn't appear bolted down...lucky for me, this actually was bolted down.

  • 441-449 East Street New Haven, Connecticut - Mill River
    Large amount of waste dumped near the bridge on East St. Been there for at least a few days now, was still there last night when I drove by.
  • 260 Middletown Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Cedar Hill

    The amount of illegal dumping reported on SCF, and seen throughout the city, is ridiculous. The "Clean City" campaign is clearly a failure.
    East Rock Park and some of the streets near Jocelyn Square seem to be magnets for bulk trash dumping. It ruins the beauty of our natural spaces and wastes our tax dollars with the constant cleanups.

    We have a convoluted system for using the Transfer Station. Some weird voucher system that is a total pain and doesn't make sense. Inconvenient for homeowners trying to do renovations or students moving out and needing to get rid of furniture.

    Branford and other nearby towns allow free access to their transfer stations with a resident pass. Same pass that allows you to use town beaches. Just drive up, show your pass, dump your stuff. Yard waste, old furniture, electronics, construction waste (within reason - meant for homeowners doing their own projects, not contractors who will dump every day. New Haven on the other hand will leave behind your cans if they see the smallest bit of wood or drywall).

    Eliminate the backwards voucher system, thus eliminating a needless task that taxpayers must pay the city to administer, and make it easier for people to dump their stuff. Also heighten enforcement. No need to reinvent the wheel, just look to other towns that do a better job than us.

  • 118 Lawrence St New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    Broken furniture (night stand?) dumped on curb. Pretty sure it's been there a month or more.
  • State & James St New Haven, Connecticut - Mill River

    Sometime within the past 24 hours (I beleive), someone stenciled "Please Don't Feed The Animals - MGMT" on the back of a Wrong Way sign as you come off the Exit 5 Ramp on 91 North.

    When I say "on the back" of the Wrong Way sign, clearly that means it is visible to every driver exiting 91.

    It's a bit of a cruel marking given the panhandling at this very exit. (I personally think the response to the homeless issue in that vicinity is deplorable and a disservice to residents, property owners, and the homeless themselves, but that's no reason for this type of graffiti).

    Bad look for our city, please remove immediately. I don't care if it's technically state property since it's a highway exit.

  • 117 Lawrence St New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    2-Family House, only has 1 Brown Trash Toter (already has 2 Blue for Recycling). How do I request an additional brown toter?
  • 48-68 Court Street New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square
    No Parking Sign & Post has been sitting on the ground for a while. Right by the sidewalk, tripping hazard.
    Almost a year ago, I reported something similar around this same intersection (but that post had no sign). Are these being taken down for some sort of construction in the area and not being put back up?
  • Mill River Trail New Haven Connecticut - East Rock
    To add to the numerous similar issues posted by others, there is a large encampment under I-91 bridge along the Mill River. There are also smaller encampments along the Mill River just beyond the Willow St bridge heading up the river.
    Speaks for itself, I don't need to reiterate the concerns made by others on the same type of topic. City needs to take action.
  • 219-231 Division Street New Haven, Connecticut - Newhallville
    Mattess and Box Spring Dumped.
  • 41 Cold Spring St New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    Why is the parking lot at the base of East Rock Park closed more than an hour after sunrise?
    I can see keeping the second gate closed to prevent cars from driving to the summit, but why close the parking lot at the base?
    This prevents people from driving to the park to run or hike before work.
    Lucky for me, I was on my bike, but in just 2 minutes encountered 3 confused & disappointed drivers at the entrance.
  • 200 Orange St New Haven, Connecticut - Town_Green

    The city website still has the Resident Permit information for the prior fiscal year ($20 fee, 2 visitor passes).
    It has not been updated for the current fiscal year, which begun mid-2016 (Free, 3 visitor passes).

    Also, it does not have any information regarding the "Landlord Permits," which were supposedly new for FY17 and have a $20 fee (?)

    I stopped by the Parking Desk today, and they directed me to the Traffic & Parking Department on Orange Street to ask my question. I can't get an answer/get through to anyone on the phone. I work during normal business hours and do not have time to sit on hold forever, nor run from one city office to another.

    If the procedure was simply stated on the website, this could all be avoided.
    If anything, the FY17 Permit situation is far more friendly to both Residents and Landlords than FY16. Seems like it would make sense to advertise this clearly to the public.

    (Wasn't sure how to best categorize the issue - used Traffic/Road Safety so it gets the attention of the correct department)

  • 290 Saint John St New Haven, CT - Wooster Square

    When previous-year parking passes expired last September, many people in Zone 5 were told that there were none of the new Green passes available. Instead they were given previous year passes - some had a piece of tape with the zone written in, others were sharpied.

    People were told that the correct passes would be mailed out. That didn't happen. Now cars are being ticketed en masse.

    The person writing the tickets is just doing their job (true parking violations are constant in the area) but there seems to be a communication gap between the parking desk and those doing the enforcement.

  • 252-268 Temple Street New Haven Connecticut - Downtown

    Don't mean to be negative - I want to see the Bike Share program succeed, and believe in the "ounce of prevention" theory.

    Has anyone reached out to the local Scrap Metal Recycling Yards, such as Alderman-Dow and SIMS regarding the Bike Share bikes?

    As we know, we have a major issue in the city with metal theft for the purpose of scrap-for-cash. People are going so far as to steal the tiny covers on light poles, which are probably worth a fraction of a bike.

    It could be helpful to provide laminated photos/posters to the Scrap Yards to help them identify whole or pieces of Bike Share bikes that are brought in.
    Are there any identifying marks on components (frame, wheels, handlebars, etc) that are unique to these bikes?

  • 553-565 Chapel Street New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square
  • 257 Saint John Street New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square

    It's getting cold out, and people are desperate. This is a sensitive issue that I hate to even bring up, but the line has been crossed far too frequently lately.

    Panhandlers are approaching car doors as people park, essentially cornering them inside their cars. First ask for money, and if received, ask for a ride somewhere to buy a warm drink.
    I've been around here long enough to know how to handle this, and have the luxury of not being easily intimidated physically. However, I've gotten multiple complaints from out of town/state visitors. Pretty embarrassing.

    I am sympathetic to the situation. Due to being on the path between downtown and the emergency shelter, the upper part of Wooster Square bears a unique burden when it comes to the city's homeless population. The colder it gets, the worse it gets.
    Would appreciate some action here, we have many cold months ahead of us.