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  • 3146 Coolidge Ave Oakland, CA - Upper Peralta Creek-Bartlett
    There was a party the night of 3/25 and early morning of 3/26. A birthday celebration of a young adult who was murdered a few years ago. Family and friends graffitied messages and nick names in very large and colored letters covering the street. It looks very horrible and unappealing. Our community try's very hard to keep it clean. Please come and remove it.
  • 2659 Harold St Oakland, CA - School
    I've been living at my residence for 30 years. The one way hill going up Harold St has been severely BROKEN. There are potholes starting at the bottom of the hill all the way to the 580 on ramp at Coolidge Ave. It's uneven, broken and a pain to drive on. My car, wheels and the wheel linement has been damaged. I have to drive up this hill everyday all year long. And have dealt with this SERIOUS ISSUE for the past 10+years. My 7 year old and 4 year old tell me everyday "when is someone going to fix the street mom"?. And I don't have an answer. So that is why I am sending this message today. Our family and community and cars have suffered enough. Please fix Harold St (the hill up to 580 on ramp on Coolidge Ave). We have been patient and quiet long enough. We deserve a brand new smoother street to ride on daily. This is a main street that takes a lot of cars daily. 2659 Harold St is only 1 residents that deals with this daily issue. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX HAROLD ST IN OAKLAND. It is a nightmare to drive on.