Big John

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  • Pothole Archived
    10200 San Martin Boulevard Northeast Pinellas, Florida - Commission District 6
    Multiple small but deep potholes southbound on San Martin Blvd. NE, on the entire stretch between Savora Drive and Ridgeway Dr. NE; for bicyclists, these are VERY DANGEROUS. Someone has marked some of them with an orange spot, but they're tough to see and there is no shoulder on which to move over. These need to be patched ASAP. There are several rough spots with potholes northbound as well, around the entrance to Weedon Island Preserve on Ridgeway Drive NE.
  • 5301 30th Ave. North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Disston Heights Civic Association
    30th Ave. was just repaved, but the road surface for about a block in this area is already deteriorating, with one section clearly starting to fall apart. This was either poorly engineered, or poorly executed by the contractor, and will continue to deteriorate with more rain.
  • 7110 22nd Ave. North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Azalea Homes Community Association
    The button to push to activate the crossing lights on the Pinellas Trail at 22nd Ave. North on the southeast side isn't working. The lights are working, because I can push the button in the middle of the intersection and the lights will activate.
  • Pothole Archived
    5901 30th Ave. North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Disston Heights Civic Association
    There has been a road repair in the last few months that is right in the middle of the bike lane. It has sunk down, and is difficult to see at dawn or dusk - and if you hit it with your bicycle wheel, it will knock your fillings out. :) Please repatch as soon as possible.