Lise Ives

Rank: Civic Pride Civic Points: 250
  • 14885-14905 60 Ave Surrey, BC V3S 1R8, Canada - Surrey
    Animal trap that snaps when stepped on
    It's a large metal trap I thought was illegal. It's by the kids play place in the bushes. There is a daycare and many kids and their pets that walk by. Someone could get hurt.
  • 15175 72 Avenue Surrey, BC V3S 2G3, Canada - Surrey
    The light for the traffic turning into 152 only lets three vehicles go and then it's a really long wait for the green light again. When you are waiting on 72
  • 7200 King George Blvd - Surrey
    The intersection needs to have an advance green for every light . Currently it is for every three lights causing major traffic delays