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Yes this is Lucy,
She does have a lot of supports in place.
She has been court orderd to go to mental health on the hill.
She refuses meds.
She swears that someone has stole her son Daniel and her nephew Andrew.
They are perfectly alive and well and live here. She chooses not to believe who they are.
I help her often by giving her bags of toiletries and sometimes taking her to get a Slurpee.
She loves children and is very great around them.
I have done alot of my own investigating to try to help her.
Lucy has gotten very irrational lately and wont even talk to me.
I heard on click fix that her children were taken by Dss. I can not confirm that its only hear say.
I have spoke to her about it and she has no memory of them being taken by dss.
She says the 2 guys that live local Daniel and Andrew are imposters who stole her sons identity.
She has called police , sheriff and missing persons to report them missing.
She is aware of things but has no control over the words that come out of her mouth .
The police have given her many warnings about public behavior but continue to give her chances.
Over the summer she came to me and said someone complained of her going into their porch or something and the cops were called. She was so upset over that. She said it wasn't true,
Im not sure what is going to happen with Lucy but she is a good hearten lady.

I wish the police would take 57 cedar st and 55 cedar seriously.
the children from 57 cedar came by this weekend just to talk and they were mentioning the drugs that go on in there home.
They mentioned how they found needles in their couch at one time. They mentioned that as children their things are stolen all the time even their food.

On the red brick building and behind it the gray ones that are connected to one another, they are selling drugs at all hours of the day.
I keep a video diary because one day someone is going to get hurt over there. I have watched recently a drug deal gone bad in the middle of the day.
The police just drove down the road never took our complaint of what I saw threw the window.
I watch addicts come out of all these houses all the time. Some even puking sick.
I have no sympathy for these people. I just need to protect my family for the short time we are here.