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  • 9862 Florida 699 Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island
    Following the 1993 oil spill off our coast, a grant as part of the settlement created the ceramic tile educational signs near Trailhead Vista Park. However this damaged educational sign may not have captured the grant dollars, so was made affordably. Now it is weather worn and needs to be replaced. How wonderful we have people who live on Treasure Island who understand and appreciate the value and need for substantial dunes. These signs remind us of the magical beauty of nature.
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  • 9700 Harrell Avenue Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island

    Parking attendants told drivers to stop at the corner of the intersection, on Harrell Ave, and wait to be shown where to park. As a result, vehicles were stacked up, with some vehicles stopped on 699 waiting for the parking activity to finish.

    If a driver fails to quickly notice cars backing up into State Highway 699, and if that driver turns east on Harrell, undoubtedly a severe back-end collision would occur.

    Apparently, none did occur that day; however, I request the city and the city police evaluate the situation before next weekend. My hope is safer, better organized arrangements be made to park cars in this area next weekend.

    My suggestion: bring the cars needing a parking space off the highway at the traffic light intersection nearby, and then using paper signs, direct the drivers to come around the east end and onto Harrell that way. Then the cars could be parked in a safer manner.

    When you think of how long it takes to back a car into a very small grass plot next to the old, gray real estate building just feet from 699, you can easily see that a northbound vehicle which turns east onto Harrell will eventually smash into a car sitting there a few yards from the highway. The tall bushes should be removed too. They block the sight of any driver who doesn't know that Harrell Ave has suddenly become dangerous. Why?

    Because other cars are sitting there motionless while they wait on the employees instructions on where and how to park. This is an accident just waiting to happen.

    And, oh, by the way, the employee who was working the lot that day was careful not to admit there was any danger whatsoever. So, perhaps the commercial beach activity which prospers from the overflow parking might want to consider better on the job training for their workers. We can't expect them to improve the situation if they are convinced there is no risk involved at all. I would like the city, if officials agree with me, to inform the employees working the parking lots that there is, in fact, high risk when they start pretending to direct traffic on the highways and streets of Treasure Island. After all, they don't have the training of a traffic policeman or policewoman, don't you agree?

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