• 93 Washington Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Any chance the city might take a look at what has become of the See Click Fix mess that is overlayed on the city map. Perhaps you could hire someone temporarily that understands this software and closes the hundreds? of map pins that you have either successfully handled and left in limbo, or the hundreds more that the city will never get to or the problem naturally decomposed. I don't know how you can prioritize anything with this mess it's become. Eventually there will be no place to place a complaint on the map, and at least it will get quiet in the office that way.
  • 28 East Collins Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    For some reason they've painted a crosswalk across Collins St where they've ground the road away and abandoned the job, but they didn't paint the crosswalk at the crossing light after they repaved at E Collins and Beacon. Since there is no crosswalk visible, even a faded one, please paint this one soon.
  • 88-90 Congress Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Double parking in front of Salem Community Child Care is an on going issue with even the city micro buses being abandoned out front. Causing someone to swerve into the other lane is going to get the child care place sued and only make a bunch of lawyers rich while everyone claims city hall has known about this forever. Close the place until they can control their traffic and parents.
  • 186 Lafayette Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
  • 1 Vinnin Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    It would help the intersections of Vinnin St, Paradise Rd, and Salem St (Swampscott) if a left turn lane was created into the Staples mall for East bound traffic at the Vinnin St entrance. Left turn traffic is prevented from making the turn due to traffic already queued and stopped at the light westbound. Cars cannot get around this traffic. A temporary but quick solution might be to paint a don't block the box zone similar to what was done for CVS at Canal st, although that doesn't always work. This piece of road is in Salem.
  • 464 Lafayette Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    On the outbound side of Lafayette St., for the Marblehead/Salem rail trail, the new fixture was damaged by some construction vehicles working at the intersection. One light facing Marblehead is stuck on. When the light is triggered, only half the pole flashes. The solar panel has been bumped too. The inbound pole seems to be working properly.
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    86 Millett Road Swampscott, Massachusetts - Swampscott
    The supporting structure for the storm drain near the start of the driveway of #86 must be disintegrating. There are holes appearing around the outside of the cover that pass through to the well.
    This is directly opposite Millett Ln.
  • 488 Humphrey Street Swampscott, Massachusetts - Swampscott
    The pole & light is removed. Needs to be replaced.
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    128 Aspen Road Swampscott, Massachusetts - Swampscott
    Coming from Forest Av down Aspen Rd, the last tree on the right before Millett Rd. is dead.
  • 51-77 Collins Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Collins st was paved except the last few feet where it intersects with Webb St. The road has been ground away as if it was intended to be paved. You certainly hit the new pavement with a thud. The barrels and signs are gone. Was this forgotten. Can it be fixed or at least the grinding mated smoother? Thanks.
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    28 Pleasant Street Swampscott, Massachusetts - Swampscott
    road saw horses left over from Humphrey st road closures can be picked up at Prospect and Pleasant St.
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    1 Sunbeam Lane Swampscott, Massachusetts - Swampscott
    If Sunbeam Ln is a town road, can the potholes be repaired. If not a town rd, maybe the mall owner can be notified. Thank you.
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    15-17 Pleasant Street Swampscott, Massachusetts - Swampscott
    The tree in front of 15 Pleasant St should probably be replaced. There's not much left.
  • 1-11 Federal Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Only the southern most parking lot light is working for the Federal St public lot. All others are out. One pole that shares a new led street light has the street and flood light out.
  • 192 Lafayette Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    The lamp that slows the southbound traffic on Lafayette st (aka 1A-S or 114-E) seems to be always on instead of during school hours. The light directing the other direction is ok.
  • 119 Loring Avenue Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    If the city was to make a no parking strip a couple of hundred feet long opposite the Salem State driveway on Loring Ave, outbound traffic wouldn't be backed up by people waiting to turn left into the complex as they could go around. Currently the Loring Ave, Canal St, Jefferson Ave light backs traffic up well beyond the driveway, sometimes back to the South Campus. At least let those of us who want to get out of town, get out.
  • 59 Dow Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    There is standing water at the intersection of on Dow St at Congress St. Not sure if the hydrant is leaking or there's a storm drain backed up. This was there before the recent rain too. With freezing weather coming cars will be sliding onto Congress st. The water is along the left side of Dow for about 30 ft.
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    3 Devens Road Swampscott, Massachusetts - Swampscott
    Near the end and center of Devens road the manhole in the center of the road was overflowing during rain. I don't think it was sewage but it wasn't on the side of the road where the storm drains are. The cover didn't lift off but there might be a clog in the system as there really wasn't that much rain along the road and there were no others overflowing.
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    162 Salem Street Swampscott, Massachusetts - Swampscott
    The speed limit sign on Salem St opposite Stanley Rd has been damaged. Please provide a new post.
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    113-139 Windsor Avenue Swampscott, Massachusetts - Swampscott
    There's a red trouble signal light for the street sewer pump that's shattered/vandelized.