Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 750
  • Midshipman Road - Freeport
    Debris blocking view.
  • Verge Issue Archived
    East Beach Drive Freeport, - Freeport
    Road sign down at West Beach drive and Prospero way. Please send help.
  • Unnamed Road - Grand Bahama
    Road signs down since hurricane. Reported before nothing done. Area of Emerald Bay #2 all along Grand Bahama Highway , Jack Hayward Bridge and Maplestead drive. I am sure there's more. Please send someone. Thanks
  • Unnamed Road - Grand Bahama
    A number of signs down since October. Please send someone.
  • Litter Archived
    Coral Road Freeport, - Freeport
    Washer refridgerator etc looks like someone cleaned out a property and has left this debris. Its been almost a month on the side of the road. Please help. Even if you charge back to the property owner.
  • Bahama Reef Boulevard Freeport, - Freeport
    5 Concrete Poles down Since Matthew.
  • Verge Issue Archived
    Grand Bahama Highway - Freeport
    Metal debris on roadside since storm.