Michael Anderson

Rank: Civic Pride Civic Points: 125
  • 640 E Harrison Ave Salt Lake City, Utah - Liberty Wells
    The road quality is terrible on Harrison Ave between 600 E and 700 E. There are large potholes in the center of the road at about ~640 E, as well as chunks of asphalt missing on the edges. Where there are not potholes, these are deep ware throughout the street with sections becoming almost like gravel.
  • 707 Harrison Ave S Salt Lake City, UT 84105, USA - Liberty Wells
    The road lines are painted for a lefthand turn EB but cars always take it for Harrison Ave WB; particularly to avoid waiting till turn left at the light on 1300 S 700 E. This causes a lot of high-speed traffic coming off 700 E into a residential neighborhood with pets and dogs.