• 1222 P St Richmond, VA 23223, USA - Oakwood
    Dog Poop Garbage Cans ----Garbage cans at the Chimborazo Dog Park overflowing with bags of dog poop.
  • Chimborazo Dog Park Richmond, Virginia - Chimborazo
    The trash cans are overflowing and need to be emptied. It's a health and environmental hazard.
  • N 37th & Canepa Richmond, VA - Oakwood
    When are they going to be filled?
  • N 37th & M Richmond , VA - Chimborazo
    Old tire appeared in new flower beds on the corner of the military academy. Not everyone cares about beautification apparently.
  • 35th & R Richmond, VA - Oakwood
    Coming home from work late at night, I didn't see the gaping road cave at 35th & R that rattled my teeth and threatened to swallow my car when I accidentally rolled into it.
  • Evergreen Road Richmond, VA - Henrico County
    Evergreen Road on the Richmond side is a hugely neglected busy thoroughfare bordering the Historic Evergreen Cemetary and Henrico County. The horrid condition of this road on the Richmond side silently screams "We don't care about our history or our current citizens" to visitors and to native Richmonder's alike, while the Henrico side is a beautifully paved smooth road. It's embarrassing to live in Church Hill near this road and would never send an out-of-town visitor down this road. It's shamefuland let me mention that it will destroy your car.
  • Other Archived
    38th St Richmond, Virginia - Chimborazo
    Alley needs to be re-graded and potholes filled.