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  • 828 Ivy Vine Way Alpharetta, Georgia - Milton
    Flooding and water is rising past the sidewalk and getting close to electrical power transformer.
  • Other Open
    11308 Windward Parkway Alpharetta, Georgia - Alpharetta
    I am a manger at the Chick-fil-A off of Windward Parkway. We've had some construction being done outside of our store for the past couple of weeks and it looks like, at least as of this morning, they busted something and there is a big leak out there. Please be advised
  • Alpharetta Hwy. SR 9, Alpharetta, Georgia - Milton
    There is a pedestrian crossing traffic light north of the intersection of Old Milton Pkwy and Alpharetta Hwy before the intersection of Academy street and Alpharetta Hwy which causes enormous backup on north and south bound directions of highway 9 each time it is used. Ironically, there d a pedestrian crossing approximately couple of 100 feet north of this light at the intersection of Hwy 9 , Milton Ave and Academy street.
  • Parking Open
    Lee Street Alpharetta, Georgia - Milton
    construction on Milton Ave is using Lee street as parking. I have no problem with that except that much of the time they park within 15 ft from intersection , in front of a hydrant and with multiple cars, it is difficult to navigate. Seldom are there many vehicles, but when the first one parks as soon as you turn onto Lee, others follow suit and if someone is leaving the neighborhood, it is nearly impossible to turn into, especially with early a.m. and afternoon traffic. Again , no problem with them using Lee, just begin parking about midway down.
  • 12498 Broadwell Rd Alpharetta, Georgia - Milton
    Is Rucker Road is now closed, we are having an issue with mail delivery as the post office says construction crews will not allow the mail carrier down construction roads to access our street, which is a main road, to deliver the mail. This needs to be resolved. In addition because rocker is closed and most people are using mid Broadwell as the alternate route, there is an issue with Carr is continuing all the way up mid Broadwell and cutting off traffic to get back on Mayfield at the bend in the road across from Milton’s Restaurant and in front of the bike shop. Signage needs to be corrected that it is a right turn lane only and perhaps you need to advise police to monitor. Finally since you’ve close Mayfield Road as well from Bethany down to Highway 9, The only travel route is mid Broadwell and you must have police enforcement or change the lights to allow traffic to flow through this terribkr timing of construction projects which literally only Amie for one route for this of us in Crabapple!
  • Trash Open
    Hopewell Rd Alpharetta, Georgia - Milton
    Trash along the road side from Vaughn northbound on Hopewell RD,
  • Pothole Open
    13125 Morris Road Alpharetta, Georgia - Milton
    There is a large pothole in the center of the road right as people are making a left turn and accelerating to enter traffic. It is very hard to see the pothole at night with the poor lighting in the area.
  • Pothole Open
    13125 Morris Road Alpharetta, Georgia - Milton
    There is a large pothole that has developed near the center of the lane. It is right where people are making a left turn and accelerating to merge on to the road. It is very hard to even see it at night due to the poor lighting in the area.
  • Soneley Court Alpharetta, Georgia - Milton
    There is a small dead dear right on the right side of Hwy 9 going north.
  • 13113 West Twin Aly Milton, Georgia - Milton
    The branches of the tree in my front yard have overgrown. They are covering the front steps and vestibule space by obstructing the sunlight. The wooden columns before front door and front raisers have developed moss and there is significant discoloration. These branches need to be cut and the vestibule columns have to be re-painted to restore to original color. If you have any questions, please call me at 678-710-5978.
  • Trash Open
    13113 West Twin Aly Milton, Georgia - Milton
    The recycling trash can was misplaced and lost. we need a recycling trash can and needs to be replaced. Please call me at 678-71-5978, if you have any questions. Thank you.
  • Waycroft Circle Milton, Georgia - Milton
    Going up the hill at the top of the Waycroft Circle right pass Soneley Ct 1st pole on your right.