Concerned Eye on Albany

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  • 156 Broad St. Albany, New York - South End
    Downstairs. Evidence. Crickets. Not sure how complaints get archived when not fixed and barely addressed... The police and mayor are perplexed why people don't report problems. For real?
  • Broad St. Albany New York - South End
    I see there is a duplicate post. The other is waiting to clear rejections. Thank you.
  • 150 Broad Street Area Albany, New York - South End
    A plow just came flying down Broad St. at 3 am. Splashed heavy snow and ice all over the walks right up to the porches. A week after a snowstorm. Just amazing.
  • Trash Pick-Up Archived
    154 Broad St. Albany, New York - South End
    Are they planning on picking up trash between 2 and 3rd ave. on Broad St.? Late afternoon Tuesday now. Several houses have garbage. A shame that the people who actually put garbage in bags as opposed to those who use the ground as a garbage can don't have the trash picked up.