Rank: Civic Crusader Civic Points: 290
  • 2300 Q Street Richmond, Virginia - Fairmount
    The grass is very high and overgrown in the small park between 23rd, Q, and Carrington Sts. There are also bags of trash from the last neighborhood cleanup that have not been removed.
  • 2205 Q St Richmond, Virginia - Fairmount
    2205 Q has been cited before for having an overgrown lot on a vacant property. The conditions have not improved and the owner refuses to maintain it.
  • 1013 North 22nd Street Richmond, VA - Fairmount
    The location is 1013 N 22nd- directly behind 2201 and 2203. Since there's nothing on the lot, it's sometimes hard to tell where it is. The same owner (Bryan Traylor of Unlimited Renovations) also owns the adjacent lots on the other side of the alley fronting onto Carrington.