Bob Bourque

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  • 252 Revere Beach Parkway Chelsea 02150 United States - Chelsea
    This property abuts my property. The front of the property is a mess. The right hand side has all kinds of overgrown vegetation which encroaches my property. There is poison ivy or poison oak in the vegetation. The tree, picture attached is leaning over my property. This tree already lost a huge branch this year which fell on my property. No one is cleaning up here. This is why I have a rat box in my yard. Please make them clean up the vegetation and remove the tree before it falls and hurts someone or my property. This is not my first complaint.
    Thank you
  • 235–265 Revere Beach Pkwy Chelsea 02150, United States - Chelsea

    This is the apartment building located st 250 Revere Beach Parkway. Out of control vegetation is growing on the right hand side of the property. This is a breeding ground for mice and rats. Not to mention that it comes through my fence. There is poison ivy or oak in there also. I got hit last year cleaning out. The tree at the end abutting my property is rotting and leaning towards my fence and property. It needs to come down. A big limb has already snapped off earlier this year.

    This property is a disgrace. The only time they clean it is when the city steps in. I would appreciate your assistance in this matter. Thank you!!

  • 252 Revere Beach Pkwy Chelsea MA 02150, United States - Chelsea
    There is always a ton of trash on the side of this property. Maybe the owners of the apartment complex new to put a 10 foot fence up to prevent the constant rubbish disposal from the tenants
  • 95-105 Sagamore Ave Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea
    18 wheelers on Sagamore Avenue
  • 252 Revere Beach Parkway - Chelsea
    Large tree limb fell on my fence. My property abuts 252 in the rear. I can't remove this limb that fell from the tree on the property of 252 Revere Beach Pkwy. Please have them remove it. Thank you
  • 96 Sagamore Ave Chelsea, MA 02150, USA - Chelsea
    Checking of rats boxes
  • Rats/Vermin Đã lưu trữ
    252 Revere Beach Parkway Chelsea MA - Chelsea
    Still no action on this property. They used to have rubbish disposed twice a week. Now they do it only once. It's quite disgusting and the rats love it.