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  • 6001 3rd Av S Saint Petersburg Florida - Pasadena Bear Creek Estates Neighborhood Association
    This is a repeat request. I wanted to thank the city for a quick response to my previous request. However, as I expected, one rainstorm and the alley entrance is worse than it was before. Now there is a long, deep ravine and holes that create a worse hazard for pedestrians and cyclists. I think the city's crews are far too busy to be doing the work twice. Please repair this mess with a more permanent substance/method that will not immediately wash away.
  • 6001 3rd Avenue South Saint Petersburg, Florida - Pasadena Bear Creek Estates Neighborhood Association
    the alley skirt and first 15 feet of the alley are severely eroded, and poses a threat to ankles and knees. I walk my dogs at 0-dark-30, and have twisted my knee because of the ruts here. I would like to have the entrance skirt repaired before serious injury occurs. Thank you.
    Paul D. Smith
    6019 - 3rd Av S 33707
    (727) 439-5539