• 5993 Redwood Road Taylorsville, Utah - Taylorsville
    I know there has been a concern reported on this section earlier this year - may I offer a suggestion? I know that it is illegal (frowned upon) for the people traveling Southbound on Redwood Road to merge across the white line into the the lane of traffic trying to exit the freeway and merge onto Redwood. The white line extends from the intersection roughly 100 yards (maybe, it's hard to judge distance while traveling in a car). I would love to see some flexible delineator posts mounted along the white line to push the (allowed) merge area just a bit further South down Redwood. This would eliminate the Southbound traffic crossing over the solid white line until it becomes a dotted line allowing for safe and intended merging opportunities.
  • 10610 South Redwood Rd South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    The traffic light at 10610 South and Redwood Road often turns red for North and Southbound traffic without any other vehicles being present at the intersection - almost daily I will be stopped at this light attempting to travel North without any cross traffic.
  • Quadruple Yellow Acknowledged
    12525 South Redwood Road Riverton, Utah - Riverton
    There are too many people trying to turn West into the parking lot from the Northbound left lane. There are two double yellow lines that people are crossing to do so. I have witnessed several near accidents, and lot of screeching tires due to this problem. There either needs to be a turn lane (that can't be entered by Southbound traffic) or there needs to be a barrier put up to not allow people to stop in that Northbound left lane trying to turn West into the parking lot.
  • Pothole Archived
    Belt Route Salt Lake City, Utah - Salt Lake City
    There is a fairly large hole just inside the left lane (left side of the lane) right at the junction where the old section and new section of I-215 meet just before you cross over SR-201. I have hit it once before and it is a pretty violent shock to the vehicle. Please address this issue within a reasonable amount of time - I have seen several vehicles hit it, and several swerve away from it towards the next lane. Thank you!
  • Striping Archived
    Belt Route Salt Lake City, Utah - Taylorsville
    With the recent traffic pattern changes, the lines on the road go every which direction - I saw a lot of swerving and near misses yesterday. Something needs to be done, things are getting very dangerous on I-215 from West Valley South into Taylorsville...
  • 4700 South I-215 (Southbound On West Side Belt) Taylorsville Utah - Taylorsville
    While traveling West on 4700 South attempting to turn onto the I-215 freeway going Southbound - The new light has the option for a yellow flashing light to turn South. I have not yet seen it a yellow flashing light, as it is always a red or green arrow. Leaving the community college to get on the freeway to go home, it would be really helpful to have the yellow flashing light as an option. The East and Westbound lights are fairly long, which means you may be sitting a red turn light for several minutes, at times with little to no traffic heading East.
  • 11010 South Redwood Road South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan

    I was able to report this same issue several months back, and it garnered a lot of attention and was fixed for a little while. But something has changed again and it's obnoxious.

    The North and Southbound light stays green for a very short time, even though there is significantly more traffic in those directions. The East and Westbound lights will change to green without any cars coming from the park to the West, or the neighborhood to the East. I'm noticing this mostly just after 5:00 AM on my way into work, and also after 3:00 PM on my way home.

    Whatever the fix was last time, it worked out great! But this has become a problem again just over the past two weeks or so. I'm hoping it can be changed again back to a more efficient timing/trigger system that will allow North and Southbound traffic to flow more freely. Thank you!