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  • 444 8th St Nw Washington, DC 20004, USA - Downtown
  • Rat Abatement Archived
    701 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest - Downtown
    For many months, there have been rat holes adjacent to the sidewalk that is adjacent to the metro escalators at the Penn Quarter/archives metro stop. They have become worse, and there are many rat feces pellets on the granite next to the rat holes. I don't know if this is DC or federal government responsibility, if it's not DC, could you please please contact your counterparts in the federal government to get this taken care of? I have photos, not sure if there's an opportunity to upload a photo with this request.
  • 200-398 8th St Nw Washington, DC 20004, USA - Downtown
    This car has been parked for at least five hours in a meter spot, I guarantee it did not pay to sit there, and has a handicap hangtag. It is time for parking enforcement to start enforcing the law against all of these people with fraudulent handicap hang tags. If anyone should get to park for free all day, it should be a DC resident who pays taxes in DC.
  • 2824 Bellevue Terrace Nw Washington, DC 20007, USA - Glover Park
    Violating both resident parking permit and also ROSA
  • 3820 Cathedral Ave Nw Washington, DC 20016, USA - Glover Park