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    1866 Woodland Dr Saline 48176, United States - Saline
    Huge potholes!!! Seriously, when are these Meteor holes gonna be filled?
  • 2626 Packard St Ann Arbor, MI 48104, USA - Ann Arbor
    Compacted ice at 2624 Packard
  • Signal repair Archived
    2727 Fuller Rd Ann Arbor Mi. 48104 - Ann Arbor
    Furstenberg & 2727 Fuller Rd. turns red with no cars exiting Park or Huron HS. Light stays green for only 3 or 4 cars
  • Signal repair Archived
    Sunnyside Park Dr Ann Arbor, MI 48108, USA - Ann Arbor
    Light turns red when no cars are exiting Furstenberg Park or Huron H. the green light only lasts for 3-4 cars