Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 600
  • 14th Street Richmond, Virginia - Richmond Precinct 1
    Neighbors continue to dump furniture behind their house.
  • 212 East 13th Street Richmond, VA - Blackwell
    The tree needs to be assessed to see if it should be cut down. Large branches fell and it the fence of this home. The tree is on city property and it is growing over their home and our power lines.
  • 210 East 13th Street Richmond, VA - Blackwell
    The items are placed at the near of the building for pick up.
  • Cover hanging Archived
    215 East 13th Street Richmond, Virginia - Blackwell
    Protective Light Cover hanging from street light directly behind 215 east 13th stree (alley). The tree branches are hitting it. Last year the light was broken for the same reason. Could someone fix the light and cut the tree back. Thanks...
  • 229 East 10th Street Richmond, VA - Blackwell
    At the back of this property is a shed. The door has been kicked in and it appears someone is living in it. There are piles of clothes in the yard.
  • Sink hole Archived
    2820 Fendall Ave Richmond, VA - Northern Barton Heights
    Please fix the street, there is a pothole near my house
  • dresser Archived
    209 East 13th Street Richmond, VA - Blackwell
    located behind the house. Has been there for over a month.
  • 209 East 13th Street Richmond, VA - Blackwell
    red car has not moved in 2 weeks. No one lives at the property and I am sure the owner is not aware of it being there.
  • 211 East 13th Street Richmond, VA 23224, USA - Maymont
    The house next door does not have gutters and the land is erroding. The standing water has caused damage to the foundation. The morter is missing and the bricks are crumbling/missing in places.