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I had the same issue as Rob at East Rock Park on Sunday, Aug. 20!
Issue Closed
Issue Closed
Issue Closed
One year later, if was fixed by making it an LED light! Olive is MUCH safer this year to last!
Issue Closed
This was fixed by new property owners.
The street lights are still out here and it's getting dark earlier and earlier. Can we get some better light on this part of the downtown Green for safety?
This conversation has been renewed with the upcoming CT State plans to expand the scope of services at the State Street Station. MetroNorth is not off the table for future expanded services to Grand Central, so please add your name to the petition if this is something you would like to see in future!
It looks like signs have been added back to these metal pieces, but I won't close this issue until someone can check all the spots to be sure none remain exposed.
Reported 91 days ago, not yet acknowledged. Olive St corner still dark.
This is true of all the bridges into Wooster Square: at Court, Grand, and Grove as well. It seems no one has shoveled any of the pedestrian walkways over the bridges this year, and attention to all would be much appreciated!
That would be great, thanks Doug!! There are no trash bins here so I don't know how or why trash bags are ending up over the fence. Might take a look at whose forms those belong to as well, to learn the sources of the trash while we're trying to discover who is responsible for cleaning it up...
I noticed just the other day that new trash has gotten scattered through here- looks like pink/white/yellow forms (blank, not used). Here's hoping a solution to this can be found as citizens work hard on solutions to brighten up the walk from the train station!
Issue Closed
Someone has worked hard to remove all the leaves on both sides of the ramp entering this walkway to make drainage clear again. Thanks!
Discovered the problem: huge piles of leaves are blocking the drain. Who is responsible for maintaining pedestrian safety this winter here? The leaves have got to be removed!
Photo of light location
Thank You
Thanks for fixing this issue!
If you have not already done so, please call this in to the Police Non-Emergency number to see if they can get someone on this tonight: (203) 946-6316. Thanks for spotting and reporting this!
I agree that it's not as raised as I thought it would be, but I think it's also not complete yet... there should be flashing lights coming soon, can TT&P confirm?
Found this on the Regional Water Authority page. It says residents "may wish to use bottled water".
Same experience on Court St this morning, but it started turning brown a little earlier, around 8am. It was clear earlier around 7am. What has changed?