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  • Corner Of Oronoque Lane And Main Street Stratford, Connecticut - Stratford
    Traffic on Main St. consistently blocks Oronoque Lane traffic from moving on a green by sitting in the intersection because they did not anticipate their light turning red before they could make it through the entire intersection. This is a big public safety issue and against the law. Not once in the 7 years I've been traveling through this intersection on my way home from work at 3pm have I ever seen a police cruiser giving out tickets. What happens when an ambulance or a fire truck needs to get through?
  • Clark Street new haven, ct - SOHU
    Two cars are parked illegally in the 'no standing zone' at the corner of Clark and Pleasant this morning. They both have police safety vests displayed in the front windows. They are currently assisting the charity run at Christopher Martin's restaurant. Why is it ok for them to park illegally for this function?
  • Street Lamp Archived
    30 Clark Street New Haven, Connecticut - SOHU
    A street lamp has been non-functioning for a while now. In light (intended pun) of the recent rash of muggings and break-in's on Clark Street, PLEASE finally fix this light. With the season change it's also very dark walking to your car in the morning.
  • SPEEDING Archived
    Clark Street New Haven, CT - SOHU
    I'm hoping to start a discussion about the speeding problem on Clark Street. It's proximity to bars and restaurants, and it's use as a 'pass through' to get to Orange street could likely be the explanation for a large percentage of the speeding going on down this road as opposed to the quieter streets I've noticed in East Rock. Is there any way the city could look into speed humps or curbs to cut down on the speeding? As a resident, I've almost been nailed a few times each year crossing the street to get to my car.
  • Clark Stree/State Street New Haven, CT - SOHU
    John's trash collection doing it's thing at Delenga's at 4am (see video below). They are breaking the noise ordinance AND breaking the trash collection ordinance AND breaking the law by backing up on a one way street (Clark). This is a DAILY occurrence and affects the quality of life for the residents. This video was shot on 9.12.13.
  • 28-40 Pleasant Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - SOHU
    This trailer has been parked in this spot in zone 3 parking only for well over a month. There's no parking permit affixed to it. Ticket, towing? It's taking up a parking spot residents could use for their cars.