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The location is 205 Pershing not 509 Dexter.
I walked past the Pershing at about 3:30 this afternoon and the toilet and trash were still on the curbside behind the two trash cans.
We need to get this problem property to realize they should comply with our city codes. This type thing diminishes the attractiveness of our neighborhood in addition to violating city code.
The boys at 204 Pershing are also the ones responsible for parking too close to the corner on Shetland next to 125 Pershing.
A truck is parked too close to the corner again at 8:45 PM on Monday night and an SUV was at 8:30 AM this morning, Monday. Continues to happen daily.
All of the neighborhood needs to get involved with CODE issues.
Looks as though something has been introduced into stream that caused dieoff