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    12625 Sunshine Ln Treasure Island, FL 33706, USA - Treasure Island
    fresh waterseeping out of the middle of Sunshine Lane on the south corner of 127th Av.
  • 12616 Sunshine Lane Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island
    When does the city anticipate getting back to the regular yard waste pickup on Wed for the north end of TI? We have not seen yard waste pickup since Sep 13 -- two days after IRMA. I understand the priority has been to get at least 1 pass thru the whole city .. but this block has had debris sitting for a month now.
  • 12616 Gulf Blvd Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island
    Obviously the normal Wednesday pick-up of yard waste didn't happen this week (understandably) .. but I am curious what is the plan for picking up storm debris?
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    12616 Gulf Blvd Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island

    As a veteran who has proudly served my country -- I was mortified when I walked out front and saw TI employees stuffing rolled up US Flags into trash cans as they transported them. And when I asked the guy if he thought that was respectful, his answer was, "We'll try and find something else next time."

    Just my opinion -- but this is VERY WRONG and deserves an IMMEDIATE remedy.

  • 12616 Gulf Blvd Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island

    I think the recycle truck missed me this morning. My neighbors two cans are empty -- for a couple hours now. Mine is still full. Lots of traffic in the hood this morning. Construction across the alley and the motel next door has a car half parked in the alley. Regular trash truck has also come and gone. If my can weren't full to the top, I'd say no biggie. But it would be nice to get emptied this week .. if possible.


  • 12616 Sunshine Lane Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island
    Mine and my neighbors yard waste has been at the curb since Tuesday. Normally it's picked up Wed but not this week. The regular trash and recycle trucks have been thru already today but tree trimmings are still here. Will they be picked up this week? Or next? Not a big deal either way .. other than the aesthetics.
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    123rd Av And Sunshine Lane Treasure Island, FL - Treasure Island
  • 127th Avenue Beach Access Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island
    Apparently emptying the trash cans the city has placed along the access to the beach does NOT include the overflow trash ON the ground. This crumbled pop-up tent frame has been laying here more than a week now. These soda cans and other debris were left behind by the city truck that emptied this trash can 5 minutes ago! Do we need more trash cans or a better definition of 'picking up?
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    127th Av Beach Access Off Gulf Blvd Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island
    Yesterday -- during the storm and at high tide -- the waves washed away a significant portion of the underlying support for the sidewalk on the beach side. I suspect this maybe an FDOT issue but perhaps someone at TI can initiate the process of looking into this before the sidewalk begins to fail.