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  • 127th Avenue Beach Access Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island
    Apparently emptying the trash cans the city has placed along the access to the beach does NOT include the overflow trash ON the ground. This crumbled pop-up tent frame has been laying here more than a week now. These soda cans and other debris were left behind by the city truck that emptied this trash can 5 minutes ago! Do we need more trash cans or a better definition of 'picking up?
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    127th Av Beach Access Off Gulf Blvd Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island
    Yesterday -- during the storm and at high tide -- the waves washed away a significant portion of the underlying support for the sidewalk on the beach side. I suspect this maybe an FDOT issue but perhaps someone at TI can initiate the process of looking into this before the sidewalk begins to fail.
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