• Pleasant St/County St/Mcgowan St Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River
    This has been patched year after year and to avail. It can't be patched, it has to be completely replaced. No matter what part of the corner you take you're still slamming into multiple potholes. I try to avoid this area at all costs even though it's the quickest way to my house. I've complained about it for 3 years now, please finally fix it.
  • 127 Lafayette St Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River

    From people parking one side of the road you're guaranteed to hit it. It looks like that area of the road was dug up for some type of underground work and has been sinking down since. It feels like you're going to bust a tire everytime you go over it.

    Image to follow.

  • 603 County Street Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River
    I think there needs to be a "no parking" area on the corner heading from Eastern Ave to County St. right next to rolling rock. It's really hard to take that turn with people parked directly on the corner and sometimes there are cars coming head on when you need to drive into the other lane to just get around the corner. It's a safety hazard and I feel uncomfortable driving over there.
  • 147-159 Lafayette Street Fall River, MA 02723, USA - Fall River
    The metal mini-manhole has a giant hole the center. The cover just needs to be replaced.