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  • 303 Valentina Dr Gallup, NM, 87301, USA - Gallup
    Please send someone to replace the burned out street light in front of 303 Valentina Dr.
    Thank you!
  • 303 Valentina Dr. Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    Once again, the manhole "pipe" is sticking up above street level in the intersection of Valentina and Gladden.
    Thanks for correcting this issue.
  • 303 Valentina Dr Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    Please tell me how many laps around We the People walking park (across from Playground of Dreams) make one mile. It would be helpful to many, if there was a sign stating that distance for visiting walkers. I have looked for one, and if one is there, have not seen it . Thanks!
  • 303 Valentina Dr. Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    The water pressure is very low on lower Valentina Dr. and Mossman Ave. Why haven't we gotten a phone call stating the problem and when the pressure will be back up to normal? Thank you. 9:16 a.m. July 18, 2017
  • 303 Valentina Dr. Gallup, New Mexico - Gallup
    This is my SECOND request for mosquito spraying in my area. I have not gotten a response. I know its been raining but meanwhile the mosquitos are multiplying. The weeds behind my alley wall will be cut again for the 3rd time this summer right after the first of the month. The mosquitos are seriously bad and I believe a health problem. Thank you.
  • 301-305 Valentina Dr Gallup, NM 87301, USA - Gallup
  • 303 Valentina Dr - Gallup
    1. Speed bumps are needed on Valentina Dr.
    2. The amount of traffic on Valentina and Mark and the access to these streets need to be addressed BEFORE A new housing development goes in on upper Mark!! WHY is Mark being widened without residents feedback? For years now Valentina And Mark have been overburdened with high traffic that does not live in the Mossman area! Mostly it comes from the "hill" as a shortcut to get down to the shopping areas on highway 66. There need to be MORE roads for cars to travel through than just ours. I feel NO ONE in government is looking at traffic patterns in an overburdened neighborhood and that is not fair to us that live on these streets. Add to that equation the new HUGE Jefferson school that will also impact these over traveled 2 streets! We need help AND relief!! I hoped with Mark closed right now traffic would be less in front of my house! It's NOT!! This morning an empty tour bus drove past! Where the heck did that come from? The city needs to consider the current neighborhoods FIRST before adding to the traffic problems we already have. Thank you.