• Garbage Archived
    920 10th St Ne Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    The weathers getting warmer so more trash is outside. Multiple pop bottles in yard/street. Food trash scattered, side basement window still broken and blocked off with a child bike carrier, hot pink childs shoes on roof of home, and they have cats again.
  • 802 10th St New Mason City, Iowa - Mason City
    She still has the muddy front yard that creats a huge mess on the sidewalk. She also now has black garbage bags full of chunks of grass she has ripped up on the sidewalk/by the corner sign. Also has her blue recycle bin bin full of dead grass she has yanked out. I really don't care if the yard has grass or not but can we PLEASE get her to stop yanking all these clumps out and throwing them in the walk way! I see countless kids/dog walkers trying to use the sidewalk only to get caught up on her garbage! Halloweens just around the corner so please take care of this so the kids don't have to trip over this mess.