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  • 102 Trowbridge Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge
    There has been only a temporary storm sewer cover at this location all through the winter to date. It does not drain very well or very quickly, particularly in the winter in conditions of snow and ice. Please replace with permanent storm sewer.
  • 391 Broadway Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge
    There is a dead tree on the Amory St side of the Insight Meditation Center (I am on the Garden Committee of the Center). It is unsightly. It should be taken down. To allow for more sun in the garden, we request it not be replaced.
  • 19 Amory Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge
    low hanging branches on Amory St (west side)near intersection with Broadway; some cut off, but not well.
  • Amor Street At 331 Broadway Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mid-Cambridge
    The branch of a city tree is hanging very low over the sidewalk. Pedestrians have to duck under or walk around it.