• 450 Ansley St Decatur, GA, 30030, USA - Decatur
    The sheet of metal covering a huge pothole on Ansley St. Has shifted/come loose and the hole in the road will soon be exposed again. Please fix it back in place (or better, fix the hole and remove it?).
  • 450 Ansley St Decatur, GA, 30030, USA - Decatur
    There is a SINKHOLE on Ansley with an exposed pipe in it. This has been here for 3 months now. Cars are bottoming out all the time, i saw a bike wipe out on it, and if it's not fixed soon, I shudder to think of what will happen when a kid on a skateboard or bicycle hits it. Please do something. This is not just a pothole, it's dangerous!! I'm hearing cars hit it at all hours of the night. Do I need to go fill it myself? Thank you!
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    450 Ansley St Decatur, GA 30030, USA - Decatur
    there's a new, sunken place on Ansley that is hard to see but is rattling cars like crazy. maybe about 6 on. deep? Could someone come fill it?
  • 329-417 W College Ave Decatur, GA, 30030, USA - Decatur
    The bush on the corner of Greenwood and W. College is totally blocking the vision of cars trying to take a left onto College. You have to pull out INTO the road to be able to see if you can get out or not. In addition, cars waiting at that stop sign to turn cannot see the schoolkids coming to the crosswalk until the last minute, at which point it's usually too late to back up, since there is always a car behind you.
  • 446 Ansley St Decatur, GA, 30030, USA - Decatur
    Glass recycling missed in front of 446 Ansley. Also, every single week, the recycling people empty my green bins and literally throw them into the middle of the right lane -- I don't see this with any of the other houses. This is a traffic hazard -- please instruct them not to throw bins in the middle of the street!
  • 2131 College Ave Ne Atlanta, GA 30317, USA - Kirkwood
    Going East on College, past Rocky Ford, before Sun in my Belly, there is an area of road left unpaved. First, there was nothing, tgen a large pothole formed, then the area was covered with a metal plate, which was removed. Whatever attempt to fill the pothole under it failed miserably - the spot has just caved in and now it's a deep hole again, so that cars have to swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid it. please do something! why don't pothole fills "stick" here? lived in Germany, with much harsher climate, and they do not have this problem.
  • 307 Greenwood Ave Decatur, GA 30030, USA - Decatur
    oddly, there is water running OUT of a storm drain (an active trickle). It's enough water tgat it has run all the way down Ansley and pooled in front of Jefferson Pl. just wondering if something is broken.
  • 108 Greenwood Pl Decatur, GA 30030, USA - Decatur
    Bush on the corner obscuring view of drivers. Also a metal plate nearby on College that is no longer covering a big hole.
  • 516 W College Ave Decatur, GA 30030, USA - Decatur
    the plate on W. College that was put over a hole has moved so that cars have to swerve to go around it.
  • 462-466 Ansley St Decatur, GA 30030, USA - Decatur
    there is still a yellow jacket nest by the pylon on the sidewalk on Ansley near Jefferson. kids are getting stung walking to school - main route to Renfroe! Mine got it yesterday and just heard another kid yelling OW as he walked past. some are allergic - this is dangerous!