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Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 138,300
  • 738 Howard Avenue Bridgeport, CT - Bridgeport
    rear addition - new - plywood up (appears) - front - shute out of front top window to dumpster. This complaint came into GB of Zoning on January 16, 2018 - as ..."single family turned into two family..turning into three family"
  • 201 Maplewood Ave Unit 1 Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    My name is Tajah Taylor, I live on Maplewood Ave in Bridgeport. I have not had heat since the November , 2017. I’ve been going back and forth with my landlord and have not gotten anywhere. Numerous phone calls made with complaints and nothing has happened.
  • 285 Madison Avenue Bridgeport, CT - Bridgeport
    anonymous tenant at the Lafayette Apartments reports that illegal auto shop in garage of complex, covered by tarp
  • 1185 Iranistan Avenue Bridgeport, CT - Bridgeport
    property being used as dumping ground
  • 1106 Lindley Street Bridgeport, CT - Bridgeport
    Dead cat on the curb in front of 1106 Lindley St.
  • 580 N Summerfield Ave BRIDGEPORT, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    pothole is getting bigger
  • 104 Jourmire Road Bridgeport, CT - Bridgeport
    MV on lawn
  • 384 Broad Street Bridgeport, CT - Bridgeport
    Constituent called to make a complaint about the home owners of 384 Broad Street dumping trash onto the sidewalk in front of their home. She said the trash has been there for about 3 weeks and it consists of boxes, bricks and other trash items
  • Pond Street Bridgeport, CT - Bridgeport
    Constituent was not sure what address the pothole was in front of but the there is a pothole in the in the street on Pond St. between Saunders Ave. and Chopsey Hill Road
  • Illegal Dumping Acknowledged
    48 Trumbull Avenue Bridgeport, CT - Bridgeport
    Across the street from 48 Trumbull Ave. is an illegally dumped mattress on the street
  • 1116 Lindley St Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    dead cat on the sidewalk
  • Gilman St At Balmforth St Bridgeport, Connecticut - Bridgeport
    stop sign knocked down and plassed on grassy area
  • 29 Harbor Avenue Bridgeport, CT - Bridgeport
    Constituent called to report his recycling was missed but surrounding neighbors were picked up
  • 2321 Main Street Bridgeport, CT - Bridgeport
    Sewer drain on the corner of the New Colony Diner is not draining and causing flooding
  • 240 Anton Street Bridgeport, CT - Bridgeport
    Drain in front of 240 Anton St. backed up causing flooding
  • Mckinley Avenue Bridgeport, CT - Bridgeport
    Concerned constituent called to report sewer drain on the corner of McKinley and Park Ave. is possibly backed up or blocked and causing flooding
  • Hewitt Street Bridgeport, CT - Bridgeport
    Constituent called to report sewer drain in front the Innovation Center on the corner of Connecticut and Hewit, facing the Connecticut side, is blocked with snow and ice and causing flooding and the sewer drain directly across the street in front of the bus stop on Connecticut Ave is blocked with snow causing flooding as well.
  • 155 Brewster Street Bridgeport, CT - Bridgeport
    Representative of the Fairweather Condo Complex of 155 Brewster St. requested a report be put in case of possible missed trash pick up if trash was already picked up on that street
  • 121 Karen Court Bridgeport, CT - Bridgeport
    Constituent called to report missed recycling for 21 Karen Crt.
  • 479 Helen Street Bridgeport, CT - Bridgeport
    Constituent called to report multiple potholes in from of Marin School that parents have to drive over everyday to drop there kids off