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  • 24 Eagle St. Albany, New York - Albany
    I received a Traffic Citation/Notice of Determination today - # 022.0003682431. Very uncalled for but I understand its ALL about revenue. OK. I will pay it but in this notice there is a statement that I failed to pay $50 due via an earlier notice and I am assessed an additional $25, penalty, Not true. This is the first and only notice I received. Please provide me with proof of an earlier mailing. Thank you.
  • 865 Madison Ave Albany, New York - Pine Hills
    I would like 2 neighborhood watch signs be put up one on the pole in between 863 and 865 Madison Ave and another one on the pole across the street from it due to an increase in criminal activities
  • 24 Eagle St. Albany, New York - Albany
    I was disappointed to find that the City of Albany website does not contain any information about how to apply for a disabled parking tag.. I was able to collect some general information from the DMV website, but had to learn from a friend that I had to call the police department to apply. The main number for the police station was able to transfer me to someone who could explain how to apply. However, there is no reason that these basic instructions should not be on the website, together with other resources for residents with disabilities. Please consider adding such resources to the site. Thank you for your attention.
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    24 Eagle St Albany, New York - Albany
    I love in Ireland and I am not familiar with American records. I am looking to trace death records for my ancestors who lived in Albany. Is there a website where this can be done online for free.
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    1385 Washington Ave Albany, New York - Campus Area-University District
    Could you please tell me that the due day of 2017 to pay the school tax? Our property address is 1385 Washington Ave. Thanks! Regards Candy
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    24 Eagle Street Albany, NY - Albany
    Thank you for your commitment towards a clean energy economy and to leading the way for environmental justice. Also thank you for taking a stand to keep America’s promise as expressed in the Paris Agreement. Most Sincerely, Jacqueline Pedgrift Ellen M. Bailey Santa Rosa, CA 95405