Eric Hines

Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 86,730
  • 5400 Block Of South 150th Street east of Macadam road - Tukwila
    This is a second request. City residents are regularly calling about people parking on the road, choking the 1:0 lane of travel and creating a collision hazard. I have been writing "obstructing lane of travel" infractions but that had had no effect. I request "no parking" and "tow a way" zone signs be posted. This will make it crystal clear to not park there, and protect the city from impound hearing costs if careless drivers dispute the impound of their blocking vehicle. Residents have been angry when contacting me about the on-going problem. I am directing them to contact the Mayor's office.
  • South 150th Street East Of Macadam Road MACADAM ROAD - Tukwila
    Due to apartment parking lot crowding people are still parked on South 150th street east of Madadam Road despite the road striping. Can we please add Tow Away signs to that area? Given the traffic obstruction I have been starting to tow cars.
    Macadam Road: Can we please add some "onj street" parking stalls and move the No Parking signs accordingly?
    Thanks! Eric