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    Live Oak covered in construction debris. Tree NOT being properly protected during new construction.

    Sec. 166-49. - Vegetation protection during construction.
    Amended by Ordinance No. 18-36
    (a) Placement of solvents, material, construction machinery, or soil. It shall be unlawful for any person engaged in development activity to place solvents, construction material, construction machinery, or temporary soil deposits within six feet or two-thirds of the dripline, whichever is greater, of any tree of four inches dbh or greater or within six feet of other protected vegetation as required under the provisions of this article. (b) Protective barriers. Prior to land development activity, the owner or his agent shall be required to erect a suitable protective barrier(s) for all protected vegetation and placards, posted on the barricades, indicating the purpose of such barriers and the penalties for unauthorized removal. The protective barrier(s) and placards shall remain erected until such time as they are authorized to be removed by the department or upon completion of final lot grading and placement of final ground cover. Removal of vegetation within the protective barriers shall require approval by the department. Failure to obtain such approval shall be considered a violation of this article. Diagrams of suitable protective barriers and placard(s) shall be available from the department. During construction, no attachments or wires shall be attached to any protected vegetation. Wood, metal or other substantial material shall be utilized in the construction of barriers.

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    Three large spruce and two palms cut down. NO PERMIT!