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  • 155 Concord St East Haven, CT 06512, USA - East Shore
    Speeding buses. Reported with details to CT transit. Now a policing and safety issue. Can someone please assist with this? Not at Nathan Hale. IN the Cove. It's dangerous especially at dusk.
  • Concord Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore

    Slick of rust and oil being pumped from basement into drains that lead into marsh. Looks like an underground oil tank leak. Please help. Homeowner tefuses to stop. Set up PVC pipe when sidewalks were being fixed.

    Illegal. Now drain is clogged and oil water is flowing down the street toward the marsh land.

  • Concord Street New Haven, CT - East Shore
  • 165 Concord New Haven, CT - East Shore
    Light facing pole. Bent all the way back. No light on street.
  • Concord New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    If anyone on Concord is interested, I am starting a petition to turn Concord back to a safe, residential street. You can email me at
  • Concord New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore

    Bus 485 stopped twice on his route today. On his way to Lighthouse with 6 people on board, he stopped in front of me while I was doing yard work and did some type of hand gesture. The riders seem perplexed and clearly noted his behavior. There is no bus stop in front of my house. No one got off or on the bus at that point. On his return trip, no riders but in front on my neighbor, I did not make eye contact with him so he beeped his horn until I looked at him. I would like a written response that you have spoken to this driver specifically. I would appreciate a written apology from the driver. If you need to speak to my neighbor, please let me know. If he harasses me again, I will want to meet with you so that it becomes a permanent part of his job performance record.

    I will not be harassed by a state/municipal employee. I have asked the bus drivers to slow down. The speed limit is 25. They are often going well over 35. They drive down the middle of the road over the yellow lines and do not make a clear stop at the nearby stop sign.

    That said there are at least 2 women drivers who do obey all of the laws. I will be sure to get their numbers so they can receive the recognition.

    This has gone from asking you through several complaint forms to slow your buses down before they hurt a pedestrian, bicyclist or families on their walk. This is a residential neighborhood. But to go from being ignored to being harassed is one step past breaking the traffic laws.

    Also as a separate issue, there is no bus stop in front of my house but drivers have been picking up passengers there. Can you please give them a reminder about bus stops. There are two less than on each of the blocks on both sides where they are currently stopping.

    If anyone on COncord is interested, I am starting a petition to turn Concord back to a safe, residential street. You can email me at

    Thank you.

  • Concord New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    There is no speed limit signs for several blocks on Concord. The speed that is happening is going to end in tragedy. Concord is being used as a cut through for Townsend. We need more stop signs, some flashing ones, and police presence too. No prior intervention has helped. Please take this seriously now. We have been reporting this issue for a long time with lackluster response. Please send the Engineer out here to fix the speeding somehow. Thank you.
  • Concord New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    Constant speeding on Concord. Someone almost drove up on my property while texting and speeding. Buses doing the same. CT Transit is unresponsive except to put "supervisor" cars on the street where there drivers see them and slow down. I have made no less than 75 complaints with bus numbers, time, etc. on the CT website. Is it going to take someone getting hurt?
  • Concord New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    The speed limit is 25mph. The buses, the cars, the trucks, everyone is going over 50mph. This has been a long standing issue that is being essentially ignored by the police and CT Transit. I have done my citizen duty to report this, but it's time for the City to take this more seriously. CT Transit has sent some "supervisors" who sit on COncord in direct view of approaching buses with their blinkers on. They wave and honk their horn at the drivers. The one time they sent someone at night, he sat around the corner while the buses were flying by, his face lit up blue by the light of his phone in front of his face. Concord is not a cut through. Move the buses to the hihgway on Townsend, post more speed limit signs, put in more stop signs, or speed bumps. At this point the speed bump sound would give me pleasure compared to the speeding and the noise by buses and cars flying by my house. I want someone out here now doing study to figure out what to do about this mess. Also, please start by putting up one of the speed limit signs that show people how fast they are going. You can start there. Please we are really fed up and the summer has not even begun. Someone is going to get hurt.
  • Concord Street New Haven, CT - East Shore
    Did anyone do an elevation certificate in the area and use a land surveyor? Apparently its cheaper to use the land surveyor who has done one nearby...or share the costs with neighbors. Everyone in AE who hasn't done one is going to have to. Thoughts?
  • Beecher Place New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
    Well know stop for drugs by PD. Lots of traffic. 3 cars already today. Please come monitor.
  • Concord Street New Haven, CT - East Shore
    The buses are flying down Concord. Please have one of your monitors get down here. Happy to start taking down numbers and times but I would prefer not to have to do that. I would like you all to self-correct or we can move the busline to Townsend.
  • Concord And Beecher New Haven, CT - East Shore
    People speed through this area day and night. There is a curve need Arden and Concord they take going 45 mph. This is unsafe for our children. No police ever here though we have complained. They are using this a raceway so they don't have to stop on Townsend near the seawall. Someone is going to get killed. Lets get some speed bumps on this street. This is ridiculous. Why should we be used as the interstate so Townsend can be all scenic and quiet? Thank you. Oh, and fix the potholes at least so I don't have to hear all the rattle of the truck traffic as they avoid the seawall stop signs.
  • Concord Street New Haven, CT - East Shore
    Whats going on DOT?